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MIT student blogger Kirsten L. '15

Sophomore Satisfaction by Kirsten L. '15

New year= New opportunities/classes = Happy Kirsten

Unfortunately, having my “hell weeks” for the last two weeks has meant that I haven’t done much fun stuff other than spend an obsene amount of time in my room working on psets and studying for all my classes :P But I figured that all of you would still enjoy reading about my classes, so I though I’d let everyone know that I’m taking this semester.

My current schedule:

2.001- Mechanics and Materials: Think beams, trusses, and bridges. In this class, we look at structures in equilibrium and learn how to calculate internal forces and deformations. It’s a neat class because I’ve been able to learn more about the force distributions in different support structures. I’ll never be able to look at a bridge the same again.

2.003- Dynamics and Controls: In this class, we study the motion of moving objects. Rolling, oscillating, and spinning. You name a motion, we’ll probably study it at some point. It’s a lot like 8.01 (Classical Mechanics) on steroids, and I absolutely love this class! What’s really funny is that in high school, I actually didn’t like physics that much. But at MIT, we have some incredible physics professors who made me learn to love what used to be my least favorite subject!

5.12- Organic Chemistry: Some of you might be confused as to why I’m taking this class, and to be honest, I am too sometimes :P But I’m taking organic chemistry because I’m considering minoring in Course 20 (biological engineering). Essentially in the class, I’m learning TONS about molecules and reactions.

CMS.631- Systems Visualization: In this class, we’re learning about how to represent complex systems using visual metaphors. It’s definitely one of the coolest HASS classes I’ve taken since I’ve been here. I’ve really enjoyed learning about how to make good visual designs (: I’ll be sure to post my final project at the end of the semester online to show everyone what I’ve been working on!

2.678- Electronics for Mechanical Systems: This class is a basic electronics class for mechanical engineers. I think it’s really useful to learn electronics, especially since I eventually want to work in robotics! The labs are pretty neat, since we get to build things almost every week! A couple weeks ago, we built this “Joule Thief” (Get it? It’s so clever!). Essentially it’s a circuit in which a 1.5 V battery can power a LED that requires 3.5V for it to operate. Pretty cool!

Expect another blog soon about my “fun” 6 hour adventure with Natnael!