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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Speaking of mu… by Matt McGann '00

I love MIT, because starting a sentence with “Speaking of mu…” doesn’t get you looked at funny.

A quick rundown of tonight’s activities:

I love living in a city, if for nothing else but the food. Last night, I had dinner at a Spanish restaurant, Iruna, and tonight, I had dinner across the street at a Malaysian restaurant, Penang. Yummy.

Then, I went over to the previously mentioned Diesel Cafe, where I read three applications, before heading to Teele Square for my usual Tuesday night pub trivia with Jeff and Chris (Prof. Morse to you). Sadly, we failed to win our fourth consecutive week, but we did manage to correctly identify the home countries of rock bands the Scorpions (“Rock You Like a Hurricane”) and Crowded House (“Don’t Dream It’s Over”), in addition to naming 5 of the 6 all-time leading rushers (darn you, Tony Dorsett).

Tomorrow: lots of applications to read, followed by an MIT Club of Boston ice hockey scrimmage at 10pm. Should be a good day.

Opening up a big can of worms: so, I’m supposed to be one of the young, hip people in the office, but one major way I’m out of touch is that I haven’t played video games since Super Mario 3 (yes, it was released in the same year that an applicant I read today was born). So can someone explain to me the big deal with Halo 2?

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