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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

Spring Break! by Bryan

Spring Break Broke.

So I’m sitting in the airport in Toronto on my way to London where I will be next week for Spring Break as well as Paris.

I’ll be sure to post photos and entries all this week.

If you happen to be in London or Paris or have suggestions as to what to do, let me know!


11 responses to “Spring Break!”

  1. Snively says:

    Lucky! I’ll be working on hw at home and writing speeches for graduation. Having never been to London I can’t suggest anything other than to just have a really good time. Adios!

  2. Anonymous says:

    both: go to as many cafes as possible.

    walk (run) around in the rain without an umbrella (this mainly pertains to london.) in general walk around a lot.

    eat crepes in paris, and make sure they have brie cheese in them. if you’re into that sort of thing, buy a pack of gitanes. eat a lot of pastries. walk down the champs elysee.

    if you have time, go to art galleries and museums and theaters. but i mean really only if you have (plenty of) time, because seeing the louvre for an hour will probably just make you dizzy.

    rumor has it you can find urban bungee jumping in london if you look hard enough. but so far it’s just a rumor.

  3. Emily says:

    I used to live in London! Definitely check out the Museum of Natural History while you’re there. Also, if you are looking for somewhere to eat, Pizza Express is very good.

  4. Liz says:

    I’m going to be in Venice and Paris for a week (and leaving in about three hours)!

    Make sure to check out Sacre Coeur in Paris. It’s not quite as well known as Notre Dame, but in my opinion, much prettier.

  5. L says:

    I’m disappointed that MIT has its spring break the same week as I do; I’m visiting the campus this coming week. I’m still getting a tour, but it’s sad that I can’t sit in on a course with students.

  6. Nathan says:

    No trip is complete without embarrassing pictures of Rob.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Hi, Bryan! I hope London is simply “smashing!” Hope you’re having a great time so far. Say hello to Rob for me. :o)

  8. JHC says:

    I am one of the 88%, but right now, I’m a bit too busy to care that much. I am supposed to hand in the first draft of my essay on “prejudices on left-handed people” coming Tuesday. The thing is, as I was born ambidexterous, I don’t really know that much about the topic. If anyone experienced any prejudice or inconvenience because of left-handedness, please tell me. I know my post is totally irrelevant to Bryan’s entry (sorry!), but please try to understand and HELP ME OUT.

  9. JHC says:

    By 88%, I am referring to people who are deferred or rejected like me. (Jess says that about 12% got in this year. Congrats to 12% and good luck to 88%!)

  10. Chessy says:

    I live near London and although it rains a lot here I’ve heard that Paris is worse so don’t be surprised if you need an umbrella there as well.
    In London check out:
    Museum of Natural History
    Science Museum (they are next to each other)
    Make sure to visit Camden

  11. Rugs says:

    While in Paris you should really try some French food. I hear it is very authentic.