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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

squeeeeeeeeee! by Bryan

real blog entry later today.

I <3 Harry Potter.

39 responses to “squeeeeeeeeee!”

  1. Michelle says:


    I may be a little bit jaded, but your response certainly reawakened the Harry Potter maniac within me. smile Good going!

    That said, have you ever read the British versions of the book? They usually have simpler designs on their covers for the paperback books, but they’re pretty good nonethelsss. Also, you can get copies autographed by JK Rowling herself if you’re extremely lucky. smile

    – Michelle

  2. Snively says:

    Bryan, you officially have the best MIT blog ever. Hacks and Harry Potter. . .who couldn’t love it?

  3. Deepthi says:

    Hah, that’s awesome. *anticipatory eagerness*

  4. Guyomar says:


  5. Astorre says:

    I had a doubt about the site……has the financial aid tracking been activated yet? Rest of the MyMIT services are working fine

  6. Astorre says:

    I had a doubt about the site……has the financial aid tracking been activated yet? Rest of the MyMIT services are working fine

  7. Solomon says:

    As we anticipate the coming of Deathly Hallows.
    I would love it if you could share your views on this. Is Snape really Dumbledore’s man or he is on the dark side.

  8. Bianca says:

    You just reminded me and my friends about one of the best things in life: waiting for the next Harry Potter book.

    Thank you Bryan, thank you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    To Solomon:
    I would think Snape is Dumbledore’s man. This is because Dumbledore is probably a smarter man than Snape. Don’t you think?
    Thanks for the post Bryan.

  10. Solomon says:

    But don’t forget that Snape was a superb occlumens and could have hidden his loyalty from Dumbledore.

  11. Kristina says:

    Woot! This year seems to be full of countdowns…graduation, college admissions and now the new HP book!

  12. Sarah says:

    So I was programming in java today at school and my awesome teacher goes: “I just pre-ordered my Harry Potter book”. I stated that there was no release date yet and he told me they announced it today. So, i immediately stopped messing with fish and went to mugglenet. I’m SO EXCITED! SIRIUS PLEASE COME BACK!

  13. Jillian says:

    YAY!!!!!! I can’t wait!!

  14. ISN’T harry potter a too much fantasy………….. Some hobos are really not very obsessed with HP (thats harry potter, not Hewlett Paccard ) ;D B-D

  15. Michelle says:


    I forgot to put this in my last comment (FIRST, by the way! smile), but how is MIT going to celebrate the coming of the 7th Harry Potter book then?

  16. Kristin says:

    I know where I’ll be at midnight on the 21st….hehehe!

  17. Anonymous says:

    SQUEEEEE! indeed.

  18. Zaira '11 says:

    Yeah, well… I still can’t get over the 07/07/07 trauma. I guess 7*3=21, so it still has the three 7’s.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Yay! Another thing to wait for! J/k, there’s more to life than waiting…maybe.
    And about Snape-it’s difficult to say- he was forced to kill Dumbledore by his oath, but in general we don’t like him so what the hey, I’ll focus on other aspects of the book until we know! The real question is- is it going to have a happy-ish ending or a happy ending? (I guess it could have a horrible ending where Voldemort takes over the world, but this is doubtful)

  20. Josh V says:

    AHHHHHHHH! I love Harry Potter! And like a week after the 5th movie comes out too?!?! That week will be amazing…

  21. Anonymous says:

    I’ll bet Harry dies in the end…

  22. Solomon says:

    I don’t really know what the guy above me is talking about. DO YOU!!!!!!.

  23. Melissa '11 says:

    Ok, what’s going on the dome July 21st?

  24. Josh V says:

    hmmm…right there with you on that solomon…

    but i do know i used to watch this show on nickelodeon when i was a kid called “the adventures of tintin” and tintin was like this detective guy. so maybe the person above is saying that tintin is better than harry potter because tintin is a detective without magic and doesn’t need magic to help people? maybe tintin is a book too? i don’t know.

    but whatever he is trying to say…he should just know that HARRY POTTER OWNS TINTIN.

  25. Ram Poddar says:

    Bryan,your entries are the best

  26. Ram kumar says:

    it is 03:15PM in India
    wow!!silly but i visited past in reply .

  27. Sensational News:

    Live commentary by the KING MAD JOCKY

    Relay by the Thunderwraith relay center, Anatahan Crater, Northen Mariana

    00:00 hours, suddenly, people near


    have started feeling unusual. The ambience is redder than usual….. at the

     Shaftesbury Monument 

    people finds a new comer teen , blue shirt, tuft of blond hair….

    00:05 hours, two guy ; one having a pair of glasses, another having no glass, are fighting. The glassed one is sitting on a slender rocket-like thing, in a biker-like pose. And the other one is standing on his own legs.

    The rocket rider has a stick in his hand, and the other one has nothing.

    00:09 hours, The rocket-cum-scooter is rushing away, with the rider, and there’s a severe oil spill in the circus, the crowd is cheering the teen boy.

    Listeners, what you just listened to is nothing but a live story of a fight between the infamous Harry Potter, and the GURU of all teen, like this jockey TINTIN.

    As you see, Tintin won the fight. He released the fuel of the rocket, and caused severe damage by cutting the batteries, the always working units died in lack of power.

    Comment of the writer :

    What’s so great in a ambassador of childish spook stories?

    Think again Che, Tintin is a man of our dream……. He doesn’t use anything secret… or super… or magical…. it’s his human power…. And he changes the world, too. He continuously fights against evil power, he saves all people in need….. form Chang to Zorino.

    Doesn’t this appeal straight to the heart.

    To Melissa, my b’day celebration wink

  28. Here goes Harry Potter….. thrown in in a basket like a empty HP cartridge.

    Comrades, I believe in resurrection of mind over matter, and not resurrection of magic over matter.

    I myself do also have fantasies, but that does not mean magical power, and brush all challenges away…. my mantra is, a human being should use human like abilities to win over challenges, and not magic.

    Tintin is far more acceptable me, for his human like actions, and his message to the world…….He can befriend with anybody, from Peru to China. His journeys are never restricted … from Atlantic bottom (He rode a submarine, not a quidich thing)to moon (He rode a rocket, and the first ever human to do so wink)

    Tintin carries the message of friendship, from zorino to chang, to the beast of black island….. everybody’s a friend of him.

    In one story, even the side character chang feels that the hated abominable snowman can have a human like soul deep down his heart.


  29. Anonymous says:

    This guy is obviously a fag. Only girls say “squee” and like harry potter.

  30. Arkajit says:

    Extremely excited! Just a little over five months away. Yay!


    Dogging under a magical wraith? Why waste your energy, people who support harry potter are better to staff themselves into a magic course of whodini…..not here…… THEY HAVE SOME SHORTAGE OF HUMAN LIKE FEELINGS ………….. DO YOU TRUST YOUR WON IDEAS? YOU MISGUIDED BLOWNAWAY BITS IN MEDIA HYPE!!! @$#@%^$^@#$$&^$%^

    THERE’S NO DOUBT THAT TINTIN’S >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> hp (= harry Potter = hacker poltergeist)


    Dogging under a magical wraith? Why waste your energy, people who support harry potter are better to staff themselves into a magic course of whodini…..not here…… THEY HAVE SOME SHORTAGE OF HUMAN LIKE FEELINGS ………….. DO YOU TRUST YOUR WON IDEAS? YOU MISGUIDED BLOWNAWAY BITS IN MEDIA HYPE!!!

    THERE’S NO DOUBT THAT TINTIN’S >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> hp (= harry Potter = hacker poltergeist)

  33. To Josh V :


    , TINTIN’s not a detective, he is a reporter….”of Petit Vingtième”.. Please check the things you saw back, and say what YOU UNDERSTOOD not what OTHER’S SAY —— this is because people tend to describe Tintin as a detective —- and other’s relay the same thing.

    How can somebody own another person? It seem’s that HP is a slave owner, and is having TINTIN as a slave, form the words “HP wons…..” If it’s like that there’s nothing to admire in hp…who is engaged and/ or connected in/to human flesh trading.



    Tintin has reached moon HP didn’t
    Tintin can change the world……. In Blue Lotus, his action in China, made Japaneses to leave League of Nations

    We pay our tribute to Hergé. ..

    Viva Hergé.

  34. Nora says:

    To the mean “anonymous” person who said a nasty thing about bryan a few posts ago:
    “squeee” is definitely an awesome phrase, and can very well be used by membeers of either gender.
    and being obsessed with Harry Potter simply makes one HUMAN.
    but that’s just my opinion…

  35.  Ché
    Think please,
    TINTIN is simply the best. You will also under stand it if you analyze what you are reading and seeing.
    Have you read "Tintin in TIBET"?
    Tintin dreamt of Chang, lying in a half lighted cave, and spreading his hand, and calling for help. This made Tintin crazy, and he flew to Tibet. Captain Haddock ---- yelled at Tintin, but came with him...... and finally even knowing that "Migou" or "Yeh The" or "Yeti" is a preying beast, he went to the cave, and waited still for 72 hours, for the yeti to leave the cave, and rescued chang. Chang was shaking with fever, Tintin gave him his own warm cloak, in that coldness. Yeti tried to rescue chang back, as it took Tintin as invaders, and finally in the climax, change expresses his wish of failure in any scientific mission intended to catch yeti.
    What message does this carry to the heart?
    TINTIN Chang friendship:
    Tintin flew to Tibet, just after seeing a dream that Chang is calling for help. When the Sherpa Tharke refused to go, Tintin prepared himself to go alone. Even when Tharke left, Tintin followed the sight of a yellow scarf. Knowing perfectly well about "Migou" , he carried on is journey, and rescued Chang, and used his own warm cloak, that he was wearing then, to warm Chang up.
    Captain Haddock TINTIN friendship:
    Though much annoyed at first, Captain Trailed TINTIN all along the way, during start to end of the voyage. It's him who brought Tharke to an understanding to arrange the mission.
    Yeti Chang friendship:
    Yeti rescued Chang from the crash sight, fed him, and kept him in a shelter. Took care of him like an instinct father and mother too...
    Chang Yeti friendship:
    The climax:- Chang says "You know, I hope they never succeed in finding him. They'd treat him like some wild animal. I tell you, Tintin, from the way he took care of me, I couldn't help wondering if, deep down, he hadn't a human soul."
    He takes yeti no less than a human friend.
    SO here's the friendship, man to man, oriental to occidental, and man to nature. Same story in "The prisoners of the sun". Tintin says "I cant leave my friend...." when he is being warned about the dangers i the forest. Where do you find this type of message in HP?
    In "Destination Moon" just when the rocket safely passes by the meteor, everybody is relived to get life back from the edge of death, Professor Calculus says, the crash would proven his theory wrong, and he would have to recalculate everything. He is so dedicated, that the only thing taking place in his mind, even in the edge of death, is his theory.
    Professor prepared a medication that makes alcoholic beverage taste nasty. He want to change the habit of alcoholic addiction.... This is not to heart any alcoholic person, only to demonstrate. He also designed a roller skate, fitted with 2 stroke IC engine, to reduce traffic jams, and change the way world suffer.
    Frank Wulf committed suicide to save oxygen, so that the rest can reach earth safely. (Explorers on the moon)
    Other things Hergé did:
    Reality: I knew about Variable Geometry Wing, from the story "Flight 714", and later knew, it's the same Hergé described.
    In all his stories, detailed work is evident, the milepost by the road. always show correct distance...........
    His views about world:
    Terrorists are pumped by a third party who always profits from it. It flight 714, Rastapopulus trained a group of sondonasians in weapon handling, to help him capture Caridas 160's flight 714, and secure his reign in that island. He planned to blow all Sondonasian nationalist sky high after he loots Carridas's money, in mid sea, long before the poor, misguided sondonasians even see their homeland.
    Ruler changes, rule doesn't
    In "Tintin and the Picaros" you can see a glimpse of a poor persons life beside the airport, when Captain haddocks flight is about to touchdown. When they leave the country, the policemen, the poverty, the rubbish dump, the channel dwellers, all remains unchanged. Only the broad praising General Tapioca , praises General Alcazer. So the neat result of a revolution is nothing but the change of a name in a board.
    Tin tin is a man to get inspiration from. As long as there is human feelings in earth, Tintin will remain in all HUMANS heart. 75 years, couldn't age
    him out, only made him tall, his length now reaches the moon, and we hope it will soon reach beyond.
  36. One more thing, I have memorized all the TINTIN books, first to last………

  37. Kini says:

    This makes me chuckle.
    Tintin and Harry Potter are equally captivating (although perhaps to different communities of readers)…
    But what intrigues me most is whether or not this “madman” guy is serious.

  38. Josh V says:

    Ok. Haha. Whatever. Tintin, Harry Potter. Squash it. This issue is d-o-n-e for me (but I will concede that the Tintin TV shows were pretty awesome back in the day).

    Madman, if we both get in to MIT, I will have to borrow some of your Tintin books.

    and finally:
    I say SQEEEEEEE (ok, I don’t, but there is nothing wrong with it)…AND I LOOOOVE the Harry Potter books…
    Anonymous. wow…you just don’t say things like that.