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MIT student blogger Melis A. '08

Summary of CPW 2006 by Melis A. '08

CPW 2006

I had a blast during CPW and I hope you all did too! Here’s a rundown on what I was up to this weekend:

Thursday night: At the opening ceremonies, the Bloggers listed the Top 10ish Reasons to come to MIT. I had follow Nance’s “Beaver” act, but managed to draw a few laughs. I was disappointed to find out that people still didn’t know what a UROP was! I have clearly failed. So, help me educate those who are unfortunate enough to not read this blog by spreading the word that UROP stands for Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program and allows MIT undergrads to get research experience in all the labs on campus. It’s one of the many things that make MIT unlike any other school in the world. As a freshman, you can work in the lab of a Nobel Laureate, get a paper published, and go to professional conferences. And if that doesn’t get them pumped, add that it’s what all the cool kids do… that’ll get their attention.

Afterwards, I worked at the help desk with Laura and McGregor (another admissions officer and Marilee Jones’ assistant). While fighting fires related to the airport shuttles (or more like watching the fire be fought by the professional squad), McGregor shared stories from medical school, since he’s working in the admissions office while studying at Harvard Med. I learned all about teratomas. I would put a picture up, but teratomas are a rather shocking sight.

My shift ended at 10 and Bryan and I went to the amazing festival and got even more amazing honey-flavored liquid nitrogen ice cream. Can you say “yum”?

Friday: My prefrosh, Minh, was quite the trooper and wanted to come to my 9:30 AM biochemistry class. So, after a breakfast in Burton Conner, we listen to Prof. Brown tell us everything we will ever need to know about mono- and disaccharides. We parted ways afterwards, as I went down to the bunkers of the basement of building 3 to work on my robot for 2.007.

Unfortunately, the MIT weather machine was temporarily out of order (maybe it was a secret hack?) so a group of prefrosh and upperclassmen battled the wind and rain on the way to dinner at Royal East. I had a chance to meet some of the prefrosh Intel finalists and we had a grand ole time hearing stories of their shenanigans.

Afterwards was the Meet the Bloggers Party! Thanks to everyone who came!!! It was so nice to finally meet a lot of you. You are all awesome and I can’t wait to see your lovely faces on campus next year. According to one prefrosh, Sam is the funniest one… *shake it off, Melis and the 10 other bloggers* So, here are some classics: “A neutron walks into a bar, orders a beer and begins to open his wallet when the barman says: ‘For you, no charge!'” Didn’t like that one? Here’s another: “Two muffins are sitting in an oven. One muffin turns to the other and says, ‘Wow, is it me or is it hot in hereпњљ’ The other muffin replies, ‘AH! A talking muffin!'” *bam bam ching* I’m here all week, folks.

Saturday: The weather machine was still broken at this point… but nothing stopped Mitra, Sam, me, and over a hundred other people from running the Back Bay 5K, supporting the Boys and Girls Foundation and sponsored by Chi Phi. Mitra and Sam creamed the competition! They’re too proud to tell you themselves, but Mitra got 4th in the college women category, and Sam got 11th overall! I had a more modest place… props to anyone who can guess (hint: it’s more than 50 but less than 100 (wahoo!)) Looks like I need to take some lessons from the pros. (Look at Mitra’s blog for pictures.)

And of course, Saturday night was Battle of the Bands!!!! 500 people came and enjoyed the super amazing bands. By the way, Spirtual Rez won, though Tremulant won in my heart. In any case, Bryan’s blog is way more thorough than I can ever hope to be, so check it out for some professional pictures. Battle of the Bands tickets: $6. Seeing Tim the Beaver crowd-surf: Priceless. Also priceless: watching the Joneses rock to the Counting Crows! My roommate turned to me and said “Only at MIT.” So true. (Click here to watch an amateur video of the Joneses)

In conclusion, thanks to all of the prefrosh who I met for:
-making me realize how lucky I am to be a blogger (apparently it will be the most wanted job in the universe next year)
-being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
-laughing at my reason to come to MIT (bad jokes: priceless)

11 responses to “Summary of CPW 2006”

  1. Minh says:

    Yay! CPW was a LOT of fun. =)

  2. Sarah says:

    Now that you mention it, how does one become a blogger, anyway?

  3. Melis says:

    Get to know the admissions people…as far as I know

  4. Drew says:

    What exactly was your UROP-related joke for coming to MIT again?

  5. thekeri says:

    I was about to ask the same thing as Sarah, actually. The fact that the admissions people know me is a bit surprising, though – to walk into a room and have Ben say, “Hey, thekeri’s here!” is awesome, but still…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Melis! For those of us who couldn’t be there, what were the Top 10ish Reasons to attend MIT???

  7. Melis says:

    UROP for Credit: 6 units

    UROP for Pay: $9/hour

    Finding the biggest star in the universe in your UROP: Priceless

  8. Mia says:

    guess for place: 86th

    Keri…that’s so cool that they know you. I still had to introduce myself. smile

  9. thekeri says:

    And once you introduced yourself, I’m sure they loved you, Mia. (And if they didn’t, then blame it on a bad day or something…) Cappies pwn, part two.

  10. Melis says:

    The Long Awaited Top 10ish List:

    Mollie: Because our cheerleaders can do quantum mechanics, Fourier transforms and yeast two-hybrid screens.

    Anthony: Because the internet connection to your dorm room will overpower that of many countries.

    Sam: Because everyone will understand your weird T-shirts. (wearing a t-shirt that says: E/c^2 square root(i) Pv/nR)

    Daniel: Because your relatives can spell it.

    Bryan O: Because your freshman classes will be taught by uber-professors like the leader of the Human Genome Project, Eric Lander, and Nobel Prize winner Wolfgang Ketterle.

    Laura: Because of pass/no record, no one will ever know about that C- you got in freshman physics.

    Luis: Because where else can you go to 6.034 in 32-123 at 11, 18.024 in 2-143 at 1, then catch the 1 at 77 to go home to Number Six?

    Nance: BEAVER.

    Melis: UROP for credit: 6 units. UROP for pay: 10/hr. Finding the biggest star in the universe in your UROP: priceless.

    Ben: Because we’ll need freshman bloggers next year.

    Jessie: Hack the planet, dude.

    Mitra: Because, according to Hollywood, Jessica Alba, Colin Farrell, and Brad Pitt all went to MIT.

    Matt: warm and fuzzy reason about getting to go to school with the awesome people sitting around you

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Melis, for the Top 10ish! Hilarious, and well worth the wait! Getting to know the Bloggers would be the 11th reason! grin