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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

Take Deep Breaths :) by Bryan

Deep breaths.

For now, I’ll refer you to this blog entry, but I’ll be back.

All I can really add to that blog entry is that this year, I’m reliving that story all over again. I thought getting my bachelor’s degree would be the end of my formal education, but here I am applying to graduate schools. It’s not an easy task either. Waiting on pins and needles to hear if I got in, hear if I got funding, etc. I still believe, however, that if I sit around and wait for the news, the world around me isn’t going to wait for me. I have three months left in my undergraduate career, and I’m going to spend it having a blast with the people I love in a place that I love. Make sure that you remember that all you can do is know that you tried your best and that is all you should expect of yourself. Don’t go comparing yourselves to other people who did or did not get in based off of the numbers you listed on your application because that’s just a bad idea. MIT considers a lot more than that, so don’t play that game. It’s not a good way to spend your time. Go have some fun. Enjoy the snow if you’re in Boston and just dealt with the most schizophrenic week of weather ever, or go do something that you know will make you happy. You’ll all get in somewhere, and whether you get in or you don’t, it’s really not the end of the world. You probably don’t want to believe me as I say this, but I hope you really consider it.

100 responses to “Take Deep Breaths :)”

  1. Ashesh says:

    Well, I think you were right Bryan…
    Worrying cannot help, but then, one cannot help worrying either… tongue laugh

    I’ve been trying my best to keep myself from all the tension. I even gave my junior school, De Nobili FRI, a visit today. (in fact, I’d like sharing this with all of you)
    It’s a catholic school, and I just felt like I needed to talk to some of my teachers there. I met with Father Pious, and luckily, he was free.
    I poured my heart out to him, telling him about what I had been through; my successes, failures, everything that had happened with me since junior school (Well, I think you were right Bryan…
    Worrying cannot help, but then, one cannot help worrying either… tongue laugh

    I’ve been trying my best to keep myself from all the tension. I even gave my junior school, De Nobili FRI, a visit today. (in fact, I’d like sharing this with all of you)
    It’s a catholic school, and I just felt like I needed to talk to some of my teachers there. I met with Father Pious, and luckily, he was free.
    I poured my heart out to him, telling him about what I had been through; my successes, failures, everything that had happened with me since junior school (<= class 10th in India).
    We talked and talked and talked. I could simply cry in front of him and tell him what I felt like. And he finally said something that simply made me forget all the worries.
    “Son, whatever is about to happen, is about to happen by god’s will… and nothing is more important than that… You were born because of his will, and all your successes and failures have been because of his will, so where is the worry? You’re not failing when you fail, you’re just obeying god… He has something in store for you, and he will lead you to that. It might be painful now, but definitely will not be later… God does not inflict pain on anyone who has not wronged him…”
    It felt serene.
    After talking to him for 2 hours, I had to make my way back home. (De Nobili is pretty far from my city… it’s in a village). I was finally at rest, and I kept thinking about what father had just said, feeling closer and closer to peace.
    Then, I sat in a field, feeling the wind, looking at the crops which looked like a sheet of fluttering cloth in the wind. Father Pious’s voice kept echoing in my mind.
    Very soon, it was time to get moving. I got up and began to walk towards the car. And this time, I was walking with a new freedom, freedom from all that had kept haunting me for the past few months…
    And now, as I sit and type, I’m not worried at all. God had already decided what is good for me. Tomorrow, 10.15pm India time, all I have to do is find out what.

    Chill out guys.
    My besties to everyone out there.

  2. Jalpan Dave says:

    I’ve always been wanting to ask an MIT student what, in his/her opinion led to his admission to MIT. I’ve read on MIT’s website that they look for a compelling reason to admit. What was that compelling reason in your case Bryan?

    Thanks a lot!!!

  3. Snively says:

    OMGxorz you have Quailman in your entry! You just jumped to the top of my list, Quailman rocks!

    The waiting in front of the mailbox line reminds me of the Wii episode of South Park.

    Cartman (pacing outside EBGames): Come on! Come on!
    Store Clerk: Kid, for the 400th time, pacing back and forth isn’t going to make the Wii come out any faster.
    Cartman: Shut up! You just don’t understand! Come on. . . Come on!

  4. Awet says:

    Thanks for the great post Bryan. It’s hard to believe that in a little over 24 hours, decisions will be made available. Although I’m nervous and excited, I’m going to relax and enjoy Friday night. By the time I wake up tomorrow, I’ll know my decision. Whatever happens is the will of God.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Reading all this, guys, something strikes me… All this is making you all better human beings and in turn it’ll make the world a better place to live in.

  6. I liked the entry a lot Brian. I was deferred from MIT EA nad I thought the world was over. It is quite interesting how my reactions and emotions have changed. I still want MIT, but I am somehow not as nervous. I have accepted the fact that if MIT isnt my destiny no matter WHAT I do, I will never go there! SoI just keep enjoying my life, will check my decisions tomorrow: either cry or screan really loud, then move on wiht my life.

  7. Atul says:

    hey bryan!

    i don’t think i’ll be able to get a wink of sleep all night today!

    let’s hope i do get in though..

  8. Michael says:

    Wow, I cant believe there is only a day left until we know……..

  9. Michael says:

    Wow, I cant believe there is only a day left until we know……..

  10. Michael says:

    Wow, I cant believe there is only a day left until we know……..

  11. Michael says:

    Wow, I cant believe there is only a day left until we know……..

  12. Pritha says:

    I’m so excited as well, but really nervous. Hope things work out for the best for everyone! Good luck!

  13. dale says:

    we want ben! we want ben!

  14. Lendz says:

    ill be listening to numa numa when i click the button…

  15. AJ says:

    I am going to check it on my PDA at Starbucks – Yay!

  16. Guyomar says:

    I really enjoyed reading that. It’s very down-to-earth, sensible advice. I’m still nervous about the decision but not as nervous as I was, say, two months ago.

    For one, my parents have made it clear to me that whether I get into MIT or not, they are already proud of me. In fact, they never pressured me to apply to any particular school – they just let me choose universities I wanted to apply to and get on with it. In the eyes of my mum – who didn’t get the chance to go to university – the fact that I am even going to college is a big accomplishment.

    Also, it’s summer here, and after running each day, I go out on the roof and stare at the beautiful sky. At dawn, it’s soft and shy, and at night, full of stars, some brighter than the others. I amuse myself trying to count them while listening to Cat Stevens/Francis Cabrel. How can one not feel relaxed at a time like that?

    My friends and I have been making the most of this time to meet, enjoy ourselves and appreciate each other’s company before parting ways. We’re all at turning points in our lives, and most of us will probably not see each other again for a while. These last weeks have been lovely, full of laughter, conversation, and plans. I’ve even made some new friends.

    What I’m saying is that for me, the world doesn’t begin and end with MIT’s decision. I would be lying if I said that it didn’t matter at all to me, because it does. I would be thrilled to get in. I would definitely be very disappointed if I were rejected. But not so disappointed that I’d think my life was over. Wherever I end up, I will be entering a new phase of my life, and that – to me – is something exciting to look forward too. smile

  17. Karen says:

    I got lost on campus when I visited…Would have been cool, except I missed a tour of the Media Labs, which I hear is REALLY cool. Gr…

  18. Chandresh says:

    I’m breathing deeply, kupo. Kupopo! I really hope the Moogles answer my prayers, kupo.

  19. Steven says:

    March 17


  20. Snively says:

    Kudos Steven, amazing.

  21. Anurag says:

    Breathe in-Breathe out
    Breathe in-Breathe out
    Breathe in-Breathe out

    Sorry, can’t do it for lonG!!!

  22. waiting says:

    19 hours 38 minutes

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Ok, I got my screech of pent-up frustration/waiting out. Thanks!

  24. Abuuuuuu says:

    Guys, take it easy, from the looks of it u wont survive these 19 hours or so, go chill out some where tonight. I myself gonna go out with my girlfriend, hope I can stay focused on what she ll be saying and not be stressed out by the decisions. What abt you guys what are ur plans for tonight?

  25. Yossarian says:


    An air of anxious resignation fills the room. I wonder if I’ll be able to go to sleep tonight. Oh well. If I’m in, I’m in. If I’m not, I’m not. It’s a pity I have to be so distressed. XD

    Thanks Bryan. Nice story. Even though it’s a year old, it’s still really applicable. Great job on a great blog post.

  26. Anonymous says:

    my head is going to explode. no joke.

  27. Chandresh says:

    Plans for tonight? Spanish Literature to study; Physics homework to do. No time for much math, but I’ll draw some cute fuzzy Moogles, meditate, organize some stuff and go to bed relatively early, kupo.
    Good luck tomorrow, everyone – and hoopefully the servers won’t crash. I for one, will be checking the decision about 8 hours after it comes out. We still, after all, have our everyday lives to attend to. Let the decision wait, and let the espers be with us, kupo.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I remember last December. Every night I would dream about getting a rejected. It was horrible. Luckily, that dream didn’t come true. My dream of being accepted did. =D

  29. Anonymous says:

    sleep is the best medicine for all this anxiety, go to your bed, close your eyes and cover it up with a warm blanket. it’ll work. and that’s what i’m going to do since i have no problem sleeping at all.

  30. mary m. says:

    hey guys 16 and a half more hours til we find out =x and you know… its snowing horribly in new york so i can’t even go out =( .. good luck everyone =)

  31. mary m. says:

    hey guys 16 and a half more hours til we find out =x and you know… its snowing horribly in new york so i can’t even go out =( .. good luck everyone =)

  32. XITed says:

    Clubbing tonight to celebrate the end of the wait….whether I get in or not, I’ll be too tired (and satisfied) to be disappointed and I’ll just find more energy to celebrate if I get in.
    -GOOD LUCK 2 all

  33. mary m. says:

    hey guys 16 and a half more hours til we find out =x and you know… its snowing horribly in new york so i can’t even go out =( .. good luck everyone =)

  34. anonymous says:

    i didnt take enough time on my application so i could meet early action deadline but then i was deferred, was expecting an outright rejection,anyway this gave me the drive to complete a more detailed application with GIT.i would have been more anxious about decisions but then i got my admission packet from GIT 2 days ago, so decision from MIT means whether or not i submit my acceptance fee to GIT. All the same my point is for everyone to try “difficult as it may be” to relax and take decisions easy,cos no matter what there is a place for everyone.perserverance is the key to achievement

  35. Anonymous says:

    0 days
    16 hours
    970 minutes
    58207 seconds

    Alternative version
    It is 0 days, 16 hours, 10 minutes and 7 seconds until Saturday, March 17, 2007 at 12:00:00 Noon (Boston time)

  36. alyssa says:

    i love the Doug reference in the last post!! gosh i miss that show

    anxiously awaiting 11am tomorrow……. (central time!) but i’m still trying to breathe!

  37. you got in…. who losses hope loses hope faster reading it

  38. Anna says:

    Thanks for another great post! I stalk the MIT admission blogs even through I’m not applying (my friends are smile). The people at each great university I’ve seen is what makes it such a great place in the first place, so I’m really glad to know MIT has such amazing students and admission staff. Seems like my IB DP friends from my Shanghai school made the right choice in applying!

  39. alyssa says:

    aghhh! less than 3 hours! i can’t believe it!!

  40. Jessica says:

    Whatever happens is not the will of God. It is the will of the admissions officers.

    Hail the Admissions Staff!

  41. gentlemen!! of those who have applied to MIT atleast 90 % of them are(supposed to be) very intelligent guys. Now it wud not be asking too much from u people to approach the decisions in a very pragmatic and practical manner. You are all great guys but the fact of matter is that there arent 10000 vacancies out there. so ofcourse most of u will be rejected(especially tougher for internationals). Now if u ARE that intelligent and high spirited as u wud have tried to reflect in your applications then take the entire process very casually. it is difficult if not impossible to discriminate between such good applicants, so if u arent admitted accept it with grace and honour!! if u arent accepted it doesnt mean that u are not the MIT kind or that u dont have it, perhaps those who are selected may not be as good as you….it just may be that ur good qualities werent reflected as well before the comittee…so cheer up…if u get a yes dont sleep for two days but if u get a no: ur luck didnt work and if thats not ok with u then keep on trying till u get wat u desire coz “everything is okay in the end and if its not ok then its not the end!!!!!”

  42. anonymous says:

    good luck to all the girls who applied, i know we all rock

  43. rentnez says:

    Can’t wait! Good luck everyone!!

  44. Anonymous says:

    For the current official time u can visit:

    Good luck to everybody!

  45. Amanda says:

    I can’t explain how much it pained me to learn that MIT was an extremely selective school. I have never seen such warm, caring, and quirky people in one place, and, if I don’t get in, I really wish the best for those who do.
    (Would anyone be interested in smuggling me in in their suitcase?)

  46. Anonymous says:

    13 hours and 37 minutes left.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Deep breaths… Does extreme hyperventilation count?

  48. Yossarian says:

    lol, the countdown isn’t really helping the whole relaxing process…

  49. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for that Aykaay… now I’ve got something to do for the next hour and a half.

  50. Ashley says:

    Oh darn it! I’ll be at viewing right before a funeral. Would it be horrible to “use the bathroom” and look on my cell phone? but then if I get in I would be in an entirely inappropriate mood……

  51. Anonymous says:

    Yupeee!!!!!!!! I got In!!!!!!!! The website is alive…………

  52. anonymous says:

    wait…someone already got in? is the website up now?

  53. Schnizel says:

    TargetDate = “03/17/2007 12:00 PM UTC-0400”;
    BackColor = “white”;
    ForeColor = “black”;
    CountActive = true;
    CountStepper = -1;
    LeadingZero = true;
    DisplayFormat = “%%D%% Days, %%H%% Hours, %%M%% Minutes, %%S%% Seconds.”;
    FinishMessage = “It is finally here!”;

  54. anonymous says:

    what does that mean, schnizel?

  55. Pratha says:

    I definitely forgot that decisions were going to be released tomorrow…until 5th hour today. I have not calmed down the butterflies since…


  56. mattjp88 says:

    that’s just javascript code from the countdown, I think. But is anyone else able to login and see their decision? I can’t….

  57. anonymous says:

    wait…what’s the website to view the decision?

  58. anonymous says:

    jk i found the website…no i’m not able to view my decision yet

  59. Anonymous says:

    the page redirects to verify.php
    thats why we can’t see it yet

  60. Anonymous says:

    T minus 13:03 and counting…

  61. Anonymous says:

    A long list of movies, a big bag of candy, and no chance of sleep tonight. However, i might finally watch the godfather….

  62. KB says:

    Wow! feel the anxiety…even though i’ve already been accepted EA, im really excited for everyone, especially for my best friend…she got deferred…now im just losing sleep FOR her. lol but luckily i have a band event to go to tomorrow so it’ll keep my mind of off HER admission decision. XD I dont know why, but I so can feel the anxiety all over again…maybe because its my best friend..

  63. KB says:

    EDIT: off of* not of off…XD silly me

  64. Sarah says:

    Nnnnng. Most frustrating thing of all is that tomorrow is Science Olympiad regionals! …which means I don’t find out until, like, seven in the evening and the decision will be hanging over me that entire time.

    I’m trying to accept failure now, so I can be really pleasantly surprised if I do get in, but it’s really hard. :(

  65. Anonymous says:

    is it weird but i kept seeing like “symbols” all day today. at work there was this kid wearing a red sox cap and then i met this guy who was visiting from boston and then there was this family…ah never mind im clearly losing my head.

  66. Anonymous says:

    oh sweet im the first post of THE DAY

  67. Laylo says:

    Am I the only one developing a ritual and making sacrifices to appease the admissions gods?

    I’m not really stressed, I’m just not taking chances (that’s what I like to believe).

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  69. alyssa says:

    anyone here going to stay up all night and blog? i’ll be curious tomorrow to see the times of day people wrote comments!!

  70. anonymous says:

    a challenge for everyone
    can anyone post or be the first everday>
    somethings are just not possible.
    some colleges, one of them is MIT which will let you know of your limits.
    Ready to Rumble!

  71. to alyssa says:

    take rest, get up fresh the next day to check your result.
    carry on with ur daily activity.
    take it simple and think big.

  72. to sarah says:

    failure is the stepping stone to success
    take it easy and hope for the best

  73. Does anyone else have a really difficult time doing anything at all useful or productive while in “countdown mode”? I know I do.
    Then again, I seem to have no trouble wasting time… :-D
    In about 10 hours, we find out whether or not to go ahead and get a head start on next year’s application… Good luck and best wishes to everyone who applied!

  74. Nick says:

    Ahhh I will be working… maybe my boss will let me use his pda lol

  75. Solomon says:

    A one year old post still continues to be relevant to our lives. I know I will get in. I just know.
    Okay so I don’t know but I am hoping against hope….

  76. Aykaay says:

    woow!!! 7 hours! i have physics and chemistry exams 2moro and all im doin is sittin watchin a number countdown! 25610 seconds to go!

  77. dev says:

    6hours 40minutes 00seconds left for a big bash
    good luck


  78. Timur Sahin says:

    soylent green is people

  79. Islu says:

    5 hours 30 minutes remaining

    To mR: I guess that if mR is an American citizen/permanent resident, then mR = mRi. Am I right?

  80. cv says:

    Good Luck to my sister!!!

    Please bring good news to me…

  81. mR says:

    what do you mean?

  82. Islu says:

    well…I just tried to guess your name. mRi are the initials of your name, aren’t they?

  83. Islu says:

    hope i didn’t get it wrong

  84. mR says:

    nope. My real names ammar. am – are, m R, mR

  85. mR says:

    yuppus. do i kno you?

  86. I am so worried. But I have decided that even if I don’t get in for UG, MIT will be the place for my PG. And I will have four whole years to get prepared for that. MIT, here I come…

  87. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the person who said their head is going to explode. Because mine definitely is going to as well.

  88. Tania says:

    Hi Sarah! Good luck for your regionals qualification of the Science Olympiad smile It must be hard to keep concentrating this time but that’s a challenge, right?

    Meanwhile, I’m also waiting for my decision. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a no, though.

  89. Aykaay says:

    only 3hours 2go!