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MIT blogger Caroline P. '23

Tetazoo is not a Hivemind by Powers '23

Haha... just kidding... unless?

Hey folks! Let me tell you, this weekend has been WILD. Not only did I finish performing in my first MTG production (post about that coming soon), but right now I’m coming to you LIVE from from Tetazoo’s freshman scavenger hunt!

What’s that, you may ask? Well, Tetazoo is a floor in East Campus that I spend a lot of time on. As a honorary frosh there, I’m inclined to participate in a three-hour challenge that the upperclassmen set up for the freshmen and other hall newcomers. We have tasks to complete as a group (like walking down the infinite with a rainbow parachute), but also personalized lists for each participant. Some of my items include:

  • writing haikus
  • paying respects at the location where I sprained me knee
  • bringing around a blanket and asking strangers to join “blanket world” (I just have to gently put a blanket over their head)
  • putting on ALL of my beanies, which is a lot of beanies
  • if anyone asks where I’m from, all I’m allowed to say is “I used to live in Simmons”
  • writing a party invite email for a party that isn’t happening and send it out to Tetazoo’s mailing list
  • don’t enter two specific people’s rooms for the entirety of the scavenger hunt
  • take some pictures

It’s a good time! Chaos is literally all around me right now: I have a friend playing the tuba, a few people asking innocent bystanders to cough into a pitri dish, folks doing impressions of upperclassmen, and we just finished a three-minute dance party in lobby 7! It’s moments like these, sitting down and writing in the middle of it all, that I realize how much I love these little niche communities at MIT. Where else would I be able to do stuff like this with people I love? I really don’t think there’s anywhere else in the world quite like East Campus, Tetazoo in particular.

We’re moving locations, so I’ve got to get going; the clock is ticking. Wish me luck!