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MIT student blogger Kirsten L. '15

The Great Gatsby by Kirsten L. '15

In all its pixelated glory

While browsing through my news feed the other day, I came upon a post from the MIT Alumni Association’s page that caught my eye…

The Great Gatsby as a video game?? So cool.

After doing a little digging around, I found out that 2 MIT alums created this set of video games based on different books. They’re actually part of an exhibit  on campus called Games by the Book, which can be found on the second floor of Hayden library.
If you’re a little sad that you can’t actually be on campus to enjoy the video games, have no fear! They’re hosted online for people to play :)
You can check out the games here.

Although I feel like these video game really can’t compare to reading the actual book,  it’s still an awesome idea and a fun play!

PS: If you haven’t read The Great Gatsby yet, you should go out to the library and get a copy now! It’s a great read. Plus, the game will be that much better if you understand all the references like I did hehe.