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MIT student blogger Hamsika C. '13

The Truth About Science by Hamsika C. '13


So the good news is that the series of scientific mishaps I blogged about last week no longer exist. Yay, happy dance:

(Devin ’13 showed me this video a while back – I’ve watched it approximately 20 times since then, haha)
My experiments are working! And as a result, I’m about to spend a significant portion of the next 72 hours taking full advantage of my current streak of lab luck.
After my blog last week, both Chris and Anjali ’12 showed me some particularly well-chosen and accurate comics about the realities of science. I’ve edited out expletives, in order to make this a safe and enjoyable comic-viewing experience :)
(Credit for above comic goes to Paul Vallett)
Other random updates about my life:
(1) Quinton caught me napping at South Station last week :(
(3) 21 days till my MCAT.

9 responses to “The Truth About Science”

  1. Gill says:

    LOL these are amazing.. !!
    Definitely well chosen & accurate raspberry

  2. The rage comic is so great!

  3. sam says:


  4. Quinton says:

    Yes, I know that MIT is hard, but it shouldn’t be so hard that I that I find you sleeping on bench in South Station…… unless you’re waiting for a train wink

  5. Hema says:


  6. yash kumar says:

    rly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Rumanu Kumar Bhardwaj says:

    so damn true!!

  8. Guesswho says:

    finally read ur blog! in fact i just spent the last two hours reading every one of your blog posts smile i feel so cool that i know you raspberry

  9. paul says:

    ha haahah hamsika thats really crazy and exactly what happens can we chat on skype? or yahoo?