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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

The blogs are back in town by Matt McGann '00

Today in IAP individual events (I might go check out the Man Vehicle Lab talk/tour this afternoon…)

Ben has been out of the office all week with a three-digit (in degrees Fahrenheit) fever, but still he managed to blog. Use his feedback page to send him get well wishes!

Daniel (aka “Moneyman”) has also been updating his Money @ MIT blog and answering many of your financial aid questions. You (or whoever is filling out your financial aid forms) should definitely check it out.

Mitra is taking advantage of IAP being, well, independent, and is elsewhere for the first three weeks of IAP, making for a nice 5-week vacation away from campus. Luckily, she’s got Harvey pinch-hitting for her this month, which promises a great IAP of blog-reading.

Plus, Quinton, Allison, and Kevin are all back with new entries. Cool.

On the topic of blogs, does anyone have any other blogs they like to read? I’m always looking for more ways to punt*.

Only eight more days until Mystery Hunt! I know there’s going to be at least one team with a dozen or so admitted members of the Class of 2009 =)

*How to GAMIT defines punt:

punt - (1) v.t. To determine after analytical deliberation not to do something often academic in nature. (2) v.i. To be in the process of not doing something.

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