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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

The ratio of people to cake is too big. by Matt McGann '00

Today’s Mystery Hunt puzzles: the two puzzles in (my) Mystery Hunt history that I solved extremely rapidly.

  • Ringside Seat, 2002
  • Abducted!, 2003 (this puzzle, instead of a word answer, has an image for an answer. It goes out to Meder! Solve it to understand why…)

Today was a reading day, which, for our office, is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the “reading season.” A reading day is a day that we admissions officers are expected not to come into the office (where there can be distractions) but instead stay home and read applications. This morning I read applications at home (Ducksberry), and in the afternoon into the evening I read at Diesel Cafe. Reading is kind of like studying: everyone needs to figure out how they work best. For me, coffee shops work quite well, for whatever reason.

I had been feeling like Milton from Office Space up until yesterday, because I had lost my trusty Swingline stapler, one of my crucial tools needed for when I read (along with a highlighter, a staple remover, Post-It notes, and a few other necessary items). Luckily, Lorelle found another quality stapler in the office for me to use, so all is well in the world again.

I had a great day of reading. The applications in today’s stack were quite interesting and thought provoking. Really, thank you for your effort in your applications! It makes my job very stimulating (but also very hard).

A few questions to be answered…

From NY asks, “As supplemental material for deferred students, would MIT accept transcripts directly sent from colleges/universities? Would they find their way to our folders?”

Yes and yes.

NBot1 says, “I think MyMit has a lot of easily accessible, news and information that I find really interesting to read about. I was wondering if my login account would still be available for use even if I were not admitted to MIT. I’d still like to read and receive the daily, updated events, news, and research at MIT.”

Thanks! I don’t know the answer, but perhaps I can persuade Ben to answer it in the comments thread for this post?

Arvind asks, “As mid year grade report is required only for students in U.S. school systems, do other students need to send anything else in its place or a form waiver etc.”

Nope, no need to send in anything else. She’ll be apples.

Ian T. wrote about this post, “Whoa, one of the girls in the third photo from the top is wearing a Strongbad t-shirt,– awesome! Now that’s a website that will keep you in high spirits until decisions come. ( […] “Word-up” LBizzle, I most definitely have got to order a t-shirt as well; at first, I though it would be kind of esoteric/nerdy, but now that I see more and more people wearing them I figure, why not?”

Well, Ian, you’ll occasionally see me sporting my The Cheat shirt… (FWIW, The Cheat is also my AIM buddy icon)

Matt Not McGann (do I know you? I think maybe I do?) submits some links for us to check out:

“…courtesy of the Mathcamp/ESG team; Manic Sages”

Thanks, other Matt! And if you’re a high school underclassman and think that’s cool, you might want to check out Mathcamp, an awesome summer program.

Congrats to all the Intel Semifinalists out there.

As I post this, Mystery Hunt is less than 36 hours away… =)

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