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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

The Search Continues by Bryan

On the internship search and deciding what I want to do with my life.

So I will elaborate on this entry later this evening, but for now, I’ll describe to you my morning.

I woke up this morning at 8.50 AM to a phone call from Procter and Gamble alerting me to the fact that I had an interview at 3.45 PM. Now do keep in mind that I went to sleep at about 4 am because I decided to stay up late and continue working on my critical review of The compressive properties and function-composition relationships of developing bovine articular cartilage.

So needless to say hopping out of bed at 10 am and figuring out what tie to wear this morning was a bit of an adventure, but then again, it’s college, am I supposed to expect anything else?

EDIT: As promised.

So currently, I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do with my summer. Last year, I started off my search a little late, but still managed to find a pretty good internship. But this year, I’m starting early so I can have time to make my decision and figure out a number of logistical issues like housing, etc.

So how do I go about finding a summer internship?

So one of the services MIT provides is the Career Office. They help to you write a resume, practice mock interviews, etc. They even help with study abroad options.

In addition, there’s also MonsterTrak, which is a version of Monster where companies will post their openings for full time and internship positions. After applying online, companies will review your resume and after they review your resume, they may pre-select you for an interview which are typically held in the Career Office.

In addition to the Career Office, there’s also UPOP, a program for engineering sophomores. UPOP takes place over IAP where you have workshops that help you practice your interview skills, skills for the workplace, etc. I have a few friends who participated in UPOP. Some ended up working at Boeing, Broadcom, and other pretty big name companies.

So far I’ve had three interviews this semester, some have gone better than others, but I do have a couple offers already so that’s exciting. It’ll be pretty tough deciding which one I’d like. The allure of one offer is that their offices are within walking distance of this monument.

There are a lot of other ways to find pretty cool internships as well. Departments oftentimes email out to their students about opportunities. Alumni are also great resources as well. There’s also the IAP Externship program where students are hosted by companies during IAP.

PS. For all of you who emailed me with questions, I’ll be responding to those questions via an entry tomorrow. For those of you with questions who haven’t asked me yet, post a comment or email me at [email protected].

One response to “The Search Continues”

  1. Good luck for the interview!

    I’ve stopped working on that question for a long, long while… coz my exams are on right now. But come 24 Nov, I’ll pick up where I left. wink