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MIT staff blogger Chris Peterson SM '13

There’s something happening here by Chris Peterson SM '13

what it is ain't exactly clear

Working on a big project. A big awesome project. Can’t tell you what it is. But here’s a sneak peak. Make of it what you will.

20 responses to “There’s something happening here”

  1. Danilo says:

    I think i’m adding this photo to my: “What the..?” list. It’ll actually be very close to the top.

  2. Waleed says:

    Chris,I need to know when will those who tried their lucks last year be able to apply again this year?
    And by the way,awesome blogs!

  3. aa says:

    i am confused about the dates that one has to mention for one’s SAT tests as i want to ask what if i take a test multiple times and how will my SAT scores be changed if i want to send my new scores

  4. Piper '13 says:


  5. Hesham '15 says:

    Cool! I know what that is… but <HINT> have fun </HINT> figuring it out yourself.

    Hope I didn’t give too much away wink

  6. That guy in the picture says:

    I can see myself dating with a teddy………….. MIT style

  7. Sachi says:

    Sweet! Is this by any chance for the webcast?

  8. Jayant says:

    A show of stuffed toys and humans?

    I know it’s completely different from this though.

  9. Samantha says:

    …The M.I.T version of Sesame Street?

  10. Chris Ong ('16)? says:

    A movie with robotic stuffed animals?!

  11. Edward Schembor says:

    Definitely has something to do with the Media Lab. I actually really want to know what it is now haha

  12. stop spillin the deetz, petey!

  13. Anonymous says:

    OMG! The media lab demo bedroom! That place is awesome…
    Can I live there?

  14. Good Speller says:


    Peak = something like Mt. Everest or possibly an intense sensation
    Peek = a brief look at something

    Sneak Peak = clandestine mountain or something?

  15. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    good catch! fixed

  16. Aram Yazji says:

    It doesn’t look fixed to me… (Just pointing that out)

    Also… HI MITCHRIS!

  17. Jayant says:

    I think it’s something related with the information here :

    Julia Goldstein helps children in a demonstrationg of Playtime Computing, a project by Media Lab master’s student David Robert, at the Media Lab during MIT’s Under the Dome open house. The technology demonstrates a blended-reality character that mixes robotics with animation in an immersive environment in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA?…30 April 2011, Cambridge, MA – The MIT community opens its doors to the people of Boston and Cambridge for “Under the Dome”, a campus-wide open house…Photo by M. Scott Brauer for MIT News © 2011 M. Scott Brauer”

    Am I right? I saw it here —

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  19. Shoyeb A. says:

    It seems to me you’re planning a kids’ show. It seems like the mustached bear will get the children’s attention xD