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MIT student blogger Michael C. '16

This is my spork. by Michael C. '16

There are many like it, but this one is mine.

My spork has been high into the mountains, across desert islands, into Stata Cafe, and everywhere in between.


It’s been used to eat freeze-dried backpacking meals, ice cream, Shin ramen, and sous-vide’d New York strip streaks.

Today I used it to pry a Simmons window shut when the handle failed.

My spork is titanium, light, and little. But what’s not little is the hundreds of disposable plastic utensils I’m not throwing into landfills, because of one simple choice.

Living an examined life starts with the small things. For me, a love of wild and beautiful places demands participation in the fight to save them, and to help reverse the steep decline in the overall environmental health of our planet. Take the #RefuseSingleUse pledge here!

(thanks to Lydia for the, uh, blog challenge to “write about a single object”)