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MIT student blogger Shannon M. '12

THIS. IS. 18.02. by Shannon M. '12

"We will wield our triple integrals as one!"

In case you haven’t been able to tell by the lack of bloggage across the board, people have been a little hosed here the last week and a half. Last week’s morale went something like an inverse bell curve centered around Thursday night (“I HAVE 3 PSETS DUE TOMORROW THAT I HAVEN’T STARTED. WHY DID I COME TO THIS SCHOOL.”), and with classes wrapping up today, a lot of people have been having final projects due this week.

Outside Café 4 yesterday:
Me: Hey, how are you doing?
May ’11 (grinning): Hiii. I haven’t slept in 2 days. So last night, I had 3 Monsters, and I just sort of wandered around the floor for a while trying to work some of it off.
All present: May, you need some sleep.
May: But my paper’s on The Lion King!
All: May. SLEEP.

You get the point. It’s been a little rough here lately.

But it’s not like we’ve just been working. With the end of the semester comes the end of some fantastic classes. Yan blogged about Eric Lander’s last lecture in 7.012 (that man is fantastic- TAKE THAT CLASS), and I am officially done with 8.01 TEAL as of yesterday. My sentiments regarding TEAL will have to wait for another entry, though, I think.

On Tuesday, though, was an equally important last lecture- Professor Auroux, perhaps the cutest little brilliant French man I have ever laid eyes on, had our last review lecture for 18.02, Multivariable Calculus. In the interest of full disclosure, I have had a mild crush on him since my second lecture in attendance. My first was spent fascinated with his accent, and then I went home and found out that he’s only 31 and plays the piano fantastically and he won me over entirely. I mean all this in the least creepy way possible.

But EVERYONE loves Professor Auroux-not only are his lectures good, which is enough to win most people over, but he’s also adorable. And when people love a professor, things are bound to be done to inform that professor of their love.

The class of 2010, for instance, opted for a more, uh, explicit declaration of their love of Auroux. Literally.

Our class, however, staged quite possibly the nerdiest, most MIT thank you anyone could ever have thought up. And it was epic… also literally.

So Professor Auroux: je t’aime.

(And if you could pass me, too, that’d be great.)

36 responses to “THIS. IS. 18.02.”

  1. Justin '13 says:

    I love the class Multivariable Calculus, can’t wait to take a more in depth version in college…o yea…FIRST!

  2. Justin '13 says:

    ok maybe not first…fail..

  3. Ahana says:

    OMG…I’ve been stalking Professor Auroux’s OCW 18.02 lectures since they came in and I agree- he’s awesome !! :D

  4. Karen '12 says:

    lol You can totally hear Jeremy and me giggling at the end of the video, and hoping that he speed-erases the board…

  5. Reena says:

    “simply connected”
    “simply connected”

  6. Narce says:

    Brilliant. There’s no way in hell I’m going to try to get my Dual Enrollment credits to get me out of that class if it’s THAT awesome XD

  7. Brandon says:

    I loved multivariate calculus! It was soooo much fun.
    I took it this past summer at a Cal State for fun, after taking BC my junior year. smile

  8. Brandon D says:

    No way cares what math you are in or have taken

  9. Suril says:

    Wow! Seems even I’d have to stalk his lectures.

  10. Vivi says:

    Damn it, I knew I should have ASE’ed out of 18.01..

  11. Dhvanit says:

    @Shannon: Thanks a ton for posting those videos.. That made me laugh hysterically after a long long time! They are just amazing! And about Prof. Auroux, I can’t wait till I attend his lectures in real! Simply simply simply AWESOME!!!!!!!

  12. Dhvanit says:

    The videos associated with the second one actually show up to be the ones from the movie “300”! C001!

  13. Yuzhi'12 says:

    YAY! I was there. Everyone who skipped class yesterday totally missed out.

    MIT students are just awesome like that ^_^

  14. llortamai says:

    wait is that person a guy or a girl in the second video? i really cant tell

  15. deng says:

    I watched some of his calc 2 lectures in open courseware and omg.. the mimicking accent on the phone was perfect ^_^

  16. Anonymous says:


    That poor professor, he looked so bemused…especially the first video when he was just “um, I have to finish lecture…I’m sorry?”


  17. Victoria says:

    Ah, when Stroke’s Thereom rears it’s ugly head…

  18. Anon says:

    That’s awesome.
    :D He IS cute.
    In a French-multivariable-calculus-professor-y way.

  19. Vaibhav says:

    That was hilarious!!
    Seriously “When Stokes thm. rears its ugly head” – lol

  20. Anonymous says:

    mwahaha my multivariable exam is in…13 hours. favorite line: “When Stokes’ theorem rears its ugly head” raspberry

  21. Anonymous says:

    not to mention there are numerous facebook groups made in dedication of auroux =)

  22. Banerjee says:

    That, in my opinion, is way past awesome. And way past hillarious. Anyone happen to know who that girl in the cool outfit was?

  23. kathryn says:

    haha… I’ll have fun with this if I get in… [John on the other hand has already done triple integral calculus.] – love from GR shannon

  24. Matt A. says:

    …wow…and strikingly similar to what I’m told occurs with the new AB Calculus teacher at my school who has a very very German name (but I think he was born in the U.S.

  25. GG says:

    I also like the way he says “Lagrange”

  26. Michaela says:

    Um, I hope when you do an entry about 8.01 teal, you mention how AWESOME your groupmates were/are, and our midclass soup runs and how we finished our labs with super-speed. Man, I’m almost getting nostalgic.

  27. debs says:



    <3 the prank on 18.02 btw.

  28. Chris B. '12 says:

    I’m totally in front of Paul in that vid. In fact, I’m pretty sure i was semi flirting with Karen’12 before this started. I love Auroux and gave him a hug at the end of this lecture. He was so adorably flustered.

  29. the end is near! keep your chin up

  30. i think you deserve a similar MIT thank you, shannon. it was lovely walking with you in the rain yesterday. i’ve been looking forward to your post all week.
    i think you deserve a similar MIT thank you, shannon. it was lovely walking with you in the rain yesterday. i’ve been looking forward to your post all week.
    <3 your stalker.

  31. Sue says:


  32. Jarey says:

    See, this is why I should have gone to your school Shannon. Duh.

  33. Tyler A says:

    Nice to see someone from Michigan smile