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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

“This is not a smoking gun for superfluidity. This is a cannon.” by Bryan

Physics Breakthrough at MIT

So today at work, I had a little “free time” so I decided to peruse some of my favorite websites for news and updates, but I have this tendency of opening too many windows so my computer crashed and I had to restart. When I restarted my browser, I was at my homepage where I was pleasantly surprised to find some breaking news.


While attempting to understand the fundamental physics behind this discovery would probably be challenging for me right now, I think it’s pretty awesome that these students and faculty could make such an awesome breakthrough. Wolfgang Ketterle, a faculty member, is actually one MIT’s Nobel Laureates. He won the Nobel along with two other MIT alumni a few years back.

From the MIT News Office:

MIT physicists create new form of matter

June 22, 2005

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — MIT scientists have brought a supercool end to a heated race among physicists: They have become the first to create a new type of matter, a gas of atoms that shows high-temperature superfluidity.

For the full article about the physics breakthrough, click here.

For all you out there interested in learning about some other cool physics research projects, here’s a link for more info about Professor Ketterle’s Lab and Research Group as well.

5 responses to ““This is not a smoking gun for superfluidity. This is a cannon.””

  1. Saad Zaheer says:

    hey! What a nice blog! I just found urs from Mitra’s blog.. The superfluid thingy is awesome smile

  2. Laila Shabir says:

    hey brian!

    i jus found your blog thru mitra’s too! smile

    jus wanted to say HI!

    see you this fall! smile

  3. D-Baby says:

    So pretty much what you’re saying is that physics at MIT rules. smile

  4. Bryan says:

    Hey Saad and Laila,

    Thanks for visiting. Make sure you bookmark me =). See you both in the fall.


    I’ll take your comment one step further. “Pretty much what [I’m] saying is that […] MIT rules. smile

    – Bryan

  5. Hey Bryan,

    Just wanted to say hi and tell you that your blogs are totally awesome and so random. I’ll try to think of a name for your fish before the deadline.

    Take care,