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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

turn the dial to 88.1 by Bryan

hello caller, you're live on the air.

Up until last Thursday, my only on-air experience was the one time I won season passes to Astroworld from a failing radio station back in my hometown, and yelled and jumped up and down. I never told my mom how I lost my season pass the first day I had it; I just never asked to go back.

So last Thursday, one of my friends, Shaye, who has a radio show on WMBR, the MIT radio station, invited a few of us to go join him on the air since the jockey that had the two hour slot before him was out that week, and he was filling in. So after grabbing a bite to eat at Cinderellas, we head over to the Walker basement for the show. I’d never been down to WMBR before so it was pretty cool.

Their music collection is incredible.


Shaye’s show highlights Celtic Rock, and our show had a little bit of everything, some Trans-Siberian Orchestra, some Mercury Program, and some DJ Tiesto.

I hear that during Orientation, they let people come down to the studio and do 30 minute shows, I might impersonate a freshman and try it.


If I’m in Boston next summer, does anyone want to apply for a radio show with me?

Friday night, I went to a going-away dinner for my friend Dexter ’05 at TGI Fridays, and later that night played Mafia where surprisingly I, as one of the Mafia, managed to stay alive.

As for the rest of the weekend, I finally managed to halfway move rooms as each semester we shuffle rooms in the house. I’ll move the rest of it some other time.

This upcoming week will be really exciting, Wednesday, the pre-Orientation program I’ll be a counselor for begins, and we’ll be doing some pretty fun stuff including BLUE MAN GROUP.

Oh and last Wednesday, I went to a Bhangra performance. I was inspired to learn how to dance bhangra.



2 responses to “turn the dial to 88.1”

  1. Annie says:

    Ouf. For one brief moment, I thought you were going to impersonate this blue man:

    Those were part of what was probably the worst campaign that Qu

  2. If you would have me, I’d do it with you!

    I hosted a radio show during my time at Brandeis. It was an early Sunday morning gig, and I played primarily music that I liked (80’s pop and stuff).

    I think a combo staff / student show would be fun.