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MIT student blogger Michael C. '16

twerking, MIT style by Michael C. '16

need more be said?

Welcome to another edition of MIT Students Can Be Artsy™, aka We Do More Than Psets! Really!™, aka Things to Do On Saturday Nights at MIT™!

Aside from a cappella, dance is another big thing at MIT.  And the largest dance group on campus is Dance Troupe, a student-run group that puts on a show every semester.  Previous shows have had variously amusing/confusing names like 50 Shades of Plié and #DTMF.  This year’s fall show? DTWERK.

(if you don’t know what twerking is, I direct you to the Oxford Online Dictionary.  Or maybe innocence is bliss?)

I think the variety of dances speaks to the diversity of MIT’s student body.  The show ran the gamut from poppy R&B…

…to ballet-ish…

…to an Indian folk dance by guest group Bhangra

…to tap dancing…

…to a rendition of Anna Kendrick’s Cups…

…and more.

P.S. speaking of twerking, here’s one of the ornaments on the Simmons Christmas tree:

P.P.S. speaking of Miley Cyrus, here’s Walter Lewin: