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MIT and the admissions office will be closed November 24–25 for Thanksgiving break, and will open on November 28.

MIT student blogger Hamsika C. '13

Two Videos by Hamsika C. '13

Watch them!

Watch this one first!

And if you want to know more about Embrace (mentioned in the video above), check out this one too :)

8 responses to “Two Videos”

  1. Yvonne says:

    The Embrace video was inspiring!
    Good luck on your finals and have fun in India! Hopefully we hear back from MIT soon! I applied early action and would love to get a chance to try out Course 6-7 smile

  2. Brent says:

    I will certainly consider Course 6-7 for my major if I get in (I LOVE Biology). Also, have a safe trip in India and enjoy yourself!
    On a side note, it’s funny that you said, “that’s pretty much all that’s going on” when it sounds like a pretty big time in your life. Traveling to another country, at least for me, is a major deal. I’ve never been outside the U.S., or, for that matter, outside of the Southeast. =(
    Forgot to mention that you will beast those exams!

  3. saurabh says:

    a lovely and a truly inspiring post…..AWSM….loved it

  4. Mary Sun says:

    Awesome post! Gotta ask, who does the avatars/pictures for the blog? They’re adorable.

  5. Kshitij says:

    Hi Hamsika! Do you have an email id? I’d definitely like to get in touch with an Indian student at MIT..

  6. DanielG says:

    Kshitij: It’s at the top of the blog post. hamsika [at] mit [dot] edu

  7. Karthik Chinni says:

    Enjoy India. I can’t go back to India until next year because of my financial situation.

  8. Christina/Babby says:

    Hamsika, you are the cutest!! I can’t believe you’re working with Embrace! I’m so jealous — I remember learning about them last year and marveling at how awesome it all sounded. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back :-D