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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Two important reminders by Matt McGann '00

First, from the College Board:

The last two registration deadlines for this school year’s final SAT administration on Saturday, June 4, are fast approaching. Today, Friday, April 29, is the regular deadline to sign up for the exam, while Wednesday, May 11, will be the final deadline for U.S. students to sign up.

Remember that we require, in addition to the SAT or ACT, 3 SAT IIs: one in math, one in science, and a third SAT II of your choosing. For you juniors and sophomores, I highly recommend the June administration of the SAT IIs, if for no other reason than a science course being complete and fresh in your mind. And since you can take 3 SAT IIs in one sitting, and since this is only a small additional cost, I recommend taking three SAT IIs in June. I encourage you to consider the June SAT IIs.

And from us:

Monday, May 2, is the deadline for admitted students to postmark their decision reply forms.

For Sarah and any others whose decisions are mostly financial at this point, remember that you may request from our office an extension for financial aid-related reasons by calling our office on Monday. Most other schools will also allow extensions while financial matters are being worked out. Ultimately, my sincere hope is that everyone can end up at the school that is the best match for them, with financial concerns being worked out, peer/family/societal pressures assuaged, stereotypes thrown out the window. We do our best to help with these issues so that everyone can make their best choice. Please let us know if we can help any further!

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