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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

Uh Oh by Bryan

Joke: What do you get if you divide the circumference of a bowl of ice cream by its diameter?

I think I missed one of the most important holidays of the summer.

National Ice Cream Day was on July 16, 2006.

Even though I did not go get ice cream on Sunday, I will celebrate this holiday belatedly.

The question is however, do I celebrate at:

A) Toscanini’s
B) JP Lick’s
C) Herrell’s
D) Christina’s

Boston and Cambridge are home to many other fine ice cream eateries, and the ones I listed above are all within walking distance of the ‘Tute.

Get the Scoop here.

Joke answer: Pi a’la mode.

4 responses to “Uh Oh”

  1. Sam says:

    JP Licks, duh! How is this even a contest?!

    Sorry, I really like JP Licks’ soft frozen yogurt.

  2. pam says:

    Christina’s! I love that place! smile

  3. Aaron says:

    Anyone ever been to Cabot’s in Newton? Well for that list I say JP Licks