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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

Unfold by Bryan

I met my blog muse while doing the laundry, and then came this entry.

So as a sanity break, I often take a break from work and such and fold clothes.

I promise that the repeated act of folding one sleeve over the other proves to be a mind-clearing activity.

So while stuffing clothes into the drawer this week, I realized that since I’ve come to MIT, I’ve acquired a number of t-shirts in some shape related to MIT. I then realized that if I went to the laundromat one day and left my laundry there, the person who found it could probably tell the story of how I’ve spent my 27 months at MIT so far.

Somehow each morning I can sort through this mess in 3 flat to find something to wear for school.

Exhibit A:

This person must be an MIT student.

Exhibit B:

He’s a member of the Greek community.

Exhibit C:

Specifically, ZBT.

Exhibit D:

He’s been an Orientation leader.

Exhibit E:

More than once. He also glows in the dark.

Exhibit F:

Member of the Undergraduate Association.

Exhibit G:

He’s been to an ASA activities midway and has scored a free shirt from WMBR.

Exhibit H:

He’s been to Baker’s MBPP (Mega Band Party Plus)

Exhibit I:

He’s an economics major! Maybe he’s just a friend of Mitra.

(Side note: Pi Tau Sigma is actually holding a contest for the next mechanical engineering t-shirt. The current slogan is “You Wish You Could be M.E.) Get the pun? Good; there will be a quiz on this later.

Okay, so I think my study break is over. Now to investigate the HodgkinHuxley Model.

So the goal now is to graduate with a month’s worth of MIT t-shirts, and I think I’m well on my way to the goal.

5 responses to “Unfold”

  1. Mitra says:

    Are you calling yourself a model?! SCANDALOUS.

  2. Cool. I have lots of shirts that are from my own school too. Faculty shirt, two CCA t-shirts, one class t-shirt, 6 sets of PE t-shirts… not to mention the red shorts and black shorts.

    Ever notice, though, how the variety of t-shirts is way much more than that of the variety of shorts?

  3. Diana says:

    exhibit e is by far my favorite…why don’t you wear it to school more often??

  4. Diana says:

    exhibit e is by far my favorite….why don’t you wear it to school more often??

  5. Ben says:

    This entry SO rocks. I need to beef up my MIT t-shirt collection (I have only 5: battle of the bands, love your beaver, and 3 that just say “MIT”).