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MIT student blogger Jenny X. '13

We are artists & writers by Jenny X. '13

extracting creative talent around campus

It’s important to recognize that while MIT is known for top-notch engineering and science programs, this school actually has the resources to foster all kinds of creative juice. I wanted to introduce one such example, and that is RUNE, MIT’s journal of art and literature. Having partaken in a literary magazine in high school, I knew it was something I want to continue doing. So what is RUNE as a club like? We are a group of MIT students (both undergraduate and graduate) who really enjoy creative writing and the visual arts. But more importantly, we believe that we can tap into the wealth of creative gems embedded in all the scientific/engineering ingenuity at MIT. Basically, RUNE solicits art and literature submissions from the MIT community and meets weekly to review those submissions for inclusion in a glossy magazine published annually at the end of the spring semester.

Truth be told, RUNE is traditionally small, with a staff never far beyond 10, and low-key; think of us as a weekly reading club …that produces a beautiful magazine at the end of the school year. I personally like the mellowness – that way, it’s easier to avoid bureaucracy, value each staff member’s opinions (which do often conflict), and focus on the creative works. To me, RUNE is at once a bigger mission to support the arts @ MIT as well as a weekly relaxation session. We meet every Sunday at 2PM, on some cozy futons in a small room in the Student Center. Packed into the hourly meetings are art and literature submissions that paint places as close and mundane as MIT and as far-away and unfathomable as the limits of fantasy allow. Certainly a change of rhythm from the chaos of the same old coursework during the week.

Here are some scans of artworks from our latest issue.

(See more works by Dorian ’11 here)

What do you think?

In any case, just putting it out there that there are two things we constantly need at RUNE – and they are submissions and funding. We need submissions to compile a quality magazine, and funding to keep it free for the MIT community.  So if you’re a member of the MIT community, feel free to submit your best creative work. For literature:  [email protected]  For art:  [email protected] ….. And if anyone has any leads on relevant sources of grants/funding, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Lastly, while RUNE captures the art in text and images…there are some incredible living breathing instances of natural art that must be savored live-action.


7 responses to “We are artists & writers”

  1. Francisco Martin says:

    Love it! Truth be told, half a year ago, I didn’t want to come to MIT. I used to think it was place only for nerds with nothing but work. Though I am a nerd, I still wanted a place that could suit my creative and artistic life. Blogs like these made me realize that MIT is so much more than just a place to study, its a community and clubs like these define it.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to be a part of this community and who knows maybe partake in RUNE.

    BTW, video at the end beautiful! Where exactly is that place? Is it always like that or are those birds migrating?

  2. Muna says:

    ooh lala!


    and Franciscon Martin, I THOUGHT THAT FIRST! :D


    Thank you Jenny so much for this!

  3. Muna says:

    sorry about the extra ‘n’ at the end of Francisco.. :|

    sorry Francisco Martin..

  4. Abhishek says:

    The scans are amazing! Also, I was wondering if submissions are open to those who are not yet part of the MIT community?

  5. Jenny '13 says:

    @ Francisco – Yeah, check us out if you’d like! Otherwise, submit and/or tell your friends to submit! Hmm, so the link Lynn posted talks more about the science behind it, but yeah it’s in Ireland…and seems to be a regular thing…
    @ Muna – glad you enjoyed this smile
    @ lynn – Ooh thanks for sharing the article! informative.
    @ Abhishek – Haha. So for some reasons or other, people from different parts the country find out about Rune and submit works to us – so we’ve gotten stuff from random people in California, etc. We do review and sometimes publish awesome non-MIT affiliated works, but we definitely try to prioritize works by the MIT community. But yes, we’re technically open to all? raspberry

  6. Anthony L. '15 says:

    Those things. So cool.

    I started watching the video and wasn’t really taking in what it was because I was thinking about something else, so I was just watching it as if it was one of those abstract screensavers or something… and then in the middle of it I snapped back and thought “wait. There are specks in the sky. Woah.”