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MIT student blogger Cydnie T. '12

Weekend Adventures Part One by Cydnie T. '12

the first of several "a day in the life of Cyd" posts


One of my favorite questions to ask, when talking to companies, is what a day as an intern is like. What would I be doing, who would I see, where would i go, etc. I figured that people would want to know what the daily life of an MIT student (i.e. me) is like. So i decided to chronicle my weekend! This will be the first of several “a day in the life of Cyd” posts and I can imagine them being lots of fun (for me at least)

5:00 pm – helped my friend 1 finish a sudoku puzzle
5:15 pm – checked email/facebook/etc and listened to sample songs from the group SouLoved
6:00 pm – watch last week’s episode of Bones with another friend 2 while friend 1 was in a meeting
7:15 pm – took the bus to wendy’s for dinner with friend 2
8:30 pm – ran home to change for the next activity
9:54 pm – went to a Salsa Night at Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge … had a BLAST!
2:00 am – walked back to MIT. Stopped at 7/11 for a snack. ran into friends from Boston University.
3:10 am – came back to my room with a few friends to hang out
4:52 am – bed time ☺

(P.S. in my book, the new day doesn’t start until I’ve had at least 4 hours of sleep lol)

12:00 pm – woke up…checked email…planned my week
3:00 pm – Gospel Choir practice!!!!!!!!! (favorite time of the week)
7:00 pm – LUChA’s** Dia de la Revolucion Pozole Dinner
8:27 pm – go to friend 1’s room to hang out/catch up
9:45 pm – ran home to get laptop and headed to campus to chill
1:37 am – watched Avatar until i fell asleep

8:00 am – wake up fail. Missed church this week :(
1:00 pm – went to the gym to watch the Club Volleyball team in their tournament (they came in 3rd
overall! Whooohooo! Goooo beavers!)

4:47 pm – headed to the Annual Gospel Choir Thanksgiving Potluck!
5:20 pm – ate and sang and played games until my side hurt from laughing so much :)
8:13 pm – pset time :)

** LUCHA = La Unión Chicana por Aztlán. LUChA is a student group that offers “cultural and academic support to students who identify in any way with Mexican American culture”. Check out more on their website.

Well… that was my weekend. :)


2 responses to “Weekend Adventures Part One”

  1. Dory says:

    Cool post, Cydnie! Avatar’s awesome. smile I don’t know about psets though…

  2. Yashar says:

    you got very cool daily activities.
    little about me: i am from Uzbekistan (don’t know u know this country or not) study at university, faculty of engineering, actually I really wish to study at MIT like you.
    if u can give any advices I would be very happy