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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

We’re Bringing Snowflakes Back by Bryan

It's finally winter.


Pictures etc coming soon to a blog near you.

3:27 PM – The snow has ceased. There is little to no evidence of the little snowstorm that could.


22 responses to “We’re Bringing Snowflakes Back”

  1. Rafi says:

    ahhh…. i wish we had snow!!!

  2. Keri says:

    This was the sad kind of snow, though. It’s already all melted. Emo tear.

  3. Anjanie says:

    I never ever saw snow….HOPEFULLY next year if I get accepted!

  4. Anjanie says:

    I never ever saw snow….HOPEFULLY next year if I get accepted!

  5. Zayyar says:

    How’s it like walking in the snow? Someone said it becomes a little warmer when it starts to snow.Is that true?

  6. Anonymous says:

    grrphhm. It didn’t snow in the suburbs.

  7. raagini says:

    its awesome! The first snow of the year! *

  8. Adam says:

    Zayyar -> It does seem to become a little bit warmer after it snows, but that might just be me getting used to the colder eather. I dont know.

    Also, snow is a great insulator, so that might have something to do with it..

    So.. How was your first snow, Keri?

  9. Rafi says:

    Keri was all excited about the snow last nite when she ditched me in the chat room… =(

    Oh and someone should post some pics… make us here in Florida jelous…

  10. Ruth says:

    I heard that about it feeling warmer, too. Something about specific heat, I think.

  11. Brandy says:

    Keri!!!!!!! Did you like the snow or what? How much did you guys get?

    Hope you enjoyed the snow!

  12. Alyssa says:

    We got all of 5 minutes of flurries on Long Island…it was exciting though smile

  13. Blake says:

    It gets a bit warmer when it snows because energy has to be lost by water molecules freezing into snow. :D yay chem!

  14. robert says:

    I wish it hadn’t snowed here. We’ve had an inch and a half of ice followed by six inches of pure white snow. I’ve been out of school since Thursday, hopefully we’ll be able to return tomorrow. The ice is beautiful though, just wish I had electricity.

  15. benhaldor says:

    Blake,you are absolutely right

  16. benhaldor says:

    Blake,you are absolutely right

  17. sarah says:

    robert, i would kill to be in your shoes. I love snow, especially when it knocks out my electricity. The candles and stuff rock. Anyways, it snowed here in West Virginia for a couple hours but all the chemicals already melted it away.

  18. Nur says:

    that was not snow….that was cold wet stuff that fell from the sky and made puddles…not snow =P

  19. Andrew says:

    There’s an ongoing joke we play on the Freshman at my high school. Every time it is snowing we tell them the lunch ladies are going home and that means we have to as well.

    It gets them every time. smile There’s a little snow in my yard right now, I’m glad it wasn’t heavy as I hate scraping it off of my car and shoveling.

  20. Peter says:

    It snowed here in Toronto, several times in fact, but the only bit of white that persisted for these few days were the ones around the places where the soil was exposed and where trees had sprung up from the ground, does anyone know why that is?

  21. amy says:

    that’s so cool!
    It did snow??!!??
    What a twist of fate! No one was there to see it and everyone was sad…but there is snow??
    It’s almost as funny as the fact that orange pieces are stuck together but then they unstick when you peel them apart!!
    AAAKKK smile
    I think I’m just tired

  22. Herman says:

    It snowed in New York today…for maybe 20 minutes. Now all we have is 30 degree weather with some brutal winds. Now thats a bummer!