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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

What do you want to know? by Bryan

Tell me something.

I could say a million things about MIT and what it’s like to be here, but I think it’s probably best if I share information that is of interest to you. So if you don’t mind, post some topics you’d like to hear about and I’ll try my best to write about them over the next few entries.

29 responses to “What do you want to know?”

  1. Nam says:

    Hi, I’m Vietnamese, would you tell me about how to get a scholarship from MIT?

  2. Adam says:

    Hmm… Could you possibly pick a random, normal day at MIT, record what happened to you at what time, and then post the information? Not ‘just’ classes you attend, I’m interested in what you do between classes, any interesting things you happen to do, etc.

    I’m not sure if someone has already done this at some point, so if you know of a blogger who already has, could you give me a link?


  3. Brendan says:

    What do most MIT students want to do once they graduate? Do they generally want to go directly into industry? Research? Education? Is there any differance in lecture with students wanting to do different things?


  4. Alia says:

    I am trying to decide if I should apply to MIT. I have been reading the blogs (and they are wonderful,) but I am still in a state of doubt. I don’t know what I want to do with my life ( I like everything,) and neuroscience is a definite possibility but English is just as likely a potential major. I’ve never been a “science kid,” and I haven’t done much within the field, but it is something that interests me. Based on what I’ve read, it seems like everyone maintains a balance in what they do, but they also all seem to be prodigies in science… and already I have a “me-them” mentality… If MIT was a nice match for me, wouldn’t I feel more united with what everyone is saying? I don’t know! I want to be happy and successful but I am a little insecure with the high potency of “high-logic” thought here. I think I’d probably be really happy at a strong Liberal Arts program–does that already nix me from being a good candidate?

    Thanks :o)

  5. John says:

    I have a question about athletics at MIT. I know that MIT is Division III, and therefore recruiting is very different than DI; however, if a strong academic candidate is also wanted by a coach, can this really help? Thanks!

  6. Sean says:

    Hi, I am a high school junior and I have been aiming for MIT since I could remember. I have read countless times that MIT wants you, the applicant, to “be yourself”. Is this true? I cant shake the feeling that I need to solve the meaning of life in order to be considered an eligible applicant. I know I can go far in MIT, its getting in that has me going bonkers.


  7. Kaushik says:

    Seconding Adam’s suggestion. Even though it’s been done before (that was a great post), getting still another perspective on life at MIT would be brilliant.

  8. Mohamed Ali says:

    I am a sophomore at Boston Latin Academy. I have a few questions for you:
    -Will MIT consider applicants who start up as average (3.0 GPA) in high school and then improve as a (3.8-3.9 GPA) during the last three years of high school?
    -Which school would you recommend to a student who would like to be an top level expert in the medical field: MIT or Harvard Medical?

  9. Wendy Chen says:

    Hey Mohamed. I went to the Boston Latin School. Although my grades have been pretty consistent throughout high school, I am sure most colleges look at the “upward trend” very positively. I would say MIT is great if you want to go into medicine. I want to become a doctor too. Since BLS is near Harvard Medical School, I know some researchers and doctors who work there and they all agree that MIT is great for medicine and research. Harvard is equally awesome. I believe the two schools that send the most students to Harvard Medical School is Harvard and MIT. Hope this helps.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Whats the actual party life like at MIT? I’m going to assume its no animal house, but contrary to what apparently half my town thinks, the people who attend here seem to be pretty “normal” just exceptionally smart.

  11. kamal deep says:

    i am a high school student. i want to know that what tests i have to give to get admission in in computers.

  12. leah says:

    im just curious, but what the heck is recitation?

  13. Rachel W. says:

    I’ve never had a chance to visit MIT, so I was wondering what the environment is like. Are the people happy? Does everyone get along? How much work is there? Is there enough time during the day to do what you want (aka non-homework or non-class time)?

    One more question, as a freshman or sophomore, are you limited to the classes you have to take? For example, can you engage in research or independent studies?


  14. Vinita says:

    Hmm…how about the music/arts section?
    I feel music a good way to lighten up the mood. Er…people do call me a geek, but ironically I sing too, you can find my proficiencies in the homepage I linked up here.

    So I was wondering about the opportunities for potential singers apart from the regular science courses they pursue.

  15. Josh V says:

    How did you decide to go into course 2 and BE?

    I have been looking into biomedical engineering myself. As it is offered as a minor, do you have any advice as to what other majors to look into at MIT that would be closest to biomedical engineering?

    Can you describe course 2 and BE in more detail in terms of what kinds of classes do you take, what are they like, etc?

    Thank you,
    Josh V

  16. Bianca says:

    Is there anything from your MIT experience that you wish that you could keep with you forever?

    How easy is it to meet all the different types of people at MIT?

  17. Anonymous says:


    I was wondering if I could get ur opinion on something. Ok, here are the statistics: first in my class, a woman, potential engineering major, diabetes disability, active in community and school, talented in music, 1200 on the SAT, and highly motivated. There. So, what do u think? Do I even have a chance at being accepted based on the people you know there? If so, what is the estimated percent range in your opinion? I know this is opinion, but still, it means something to me.


  18. Bryan says:

    Hey everyone,

    Keep the questions coming. Tuesday, I plan to respond to your questions, and then Wednesday, I’ll be chronicling my day.


  19. Tina says:

    Right, I have a bit of a tricky question/scenario. Basically I am a US citizen, but for the last 8 years I have been in the UK at boarding school. I have acquired A Levels, but due to the difference in system when I took the SATs I only did really well in the subjects I was taking (which seems fair right?) and now Im in a bit of a pickle because I want to come to university in the states and MIT is one Im looking at. Well, basically I was wondering what I ‘counted’ as and what I should do, I try and phone and I never get through and blah blah. Help please, but if you cant then thanks for your time.

  20. Josh says:

    Hey Bryan,

    I’m fully convinced MIT is an awesome place, but there’s one thing that keeps me worried about it: how will I possibly be accepted after my shameful high school performance? How many people get in with a relatively low GPA? (Lets say, no greater than 3.5)


  21. Marcelo says:

    Hi, Well, I¬іm brazilian academical and want discover if it¬іs possible study at MIT for six mounth or one year, like a kind of exchange, and how can I do it. Anybody can help me in the MIT site.
    Please, If it possible, answer me by email: [email protected]


  22. Marcelo says:

    Hi, Well, I¬іm brazilian academical and want discover if it¬іs possible study at MIT for six mounth or one year, like a kind of exchange, and how can I do it. Anybody can help me in the MIT site.
    Please, If it possible, answer me by email: [email protected]


  23. anonymous says:

    do you have any idea how GPA is calculated? i could get 4.0 if i include my electives , but lower if i use my academic subjects instead?

    you’ll probably tell me MIT isn’t about the numbers though =)

  24. Adriano says:

    Hi Bryan…

    I’m brazilian and I wish to know how much you used to spend there in one mounth, and how much I could reduce my spends there if I had financinal adds…

    Thank you

  25. Hi:
    Can you please tell me which subjects does the Dr. Orchendorf teach at MIT. I was his students last summer at Youth Science Leadership Insitute.
    Mohammed Mostajo

  26. Bryan says:

    Hi Mohammed,

    I can’t seem to find a Dr. Orchendorf here at MIT. Any possible way he was visiting MIT that summer as well?

    – Bryan

  27. Rahul says:

    HEY Bryan…

    This is Rahul from india i had a querry n its regarding my past academic record i m a high school senior
    i couldn’t score good grades in my 10th standard
    i just scored 58.5% This time i m sure 2 get atleast 85% COULD MY PAST SCORE PROOVE OUT TO BE A BARRIER IN MY WAY TO MIT

  28. Sir,
    I am confused about how to apply , since I am a holder of the associate degree in Industrial Engineering and Maintainance . What I want to know is , is there a possibility for me to continue in Masters degree in Aerospacial engineering in MIT ?

    Another thing is , is there an oportunity to have part time studies in MIT since I also have a workexperience?