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MIT student blogger Afeefah K. '21

What’s Happening at McCormick? by Afeefah K. '21

Guest Post by MC^2's REX Chairs

Hi!  We are the REX chairs of Mccormick (Adina G. ‘22, Camellia H. ‘22, Emma L. ‘22, Faduma K. ‘22).  While our names only represent the first 6 letters of the alphabet, we made sure that REX this year at Mccormick represents the culture, sense of community, and overall fun you could have by living here.

We’d like to make this blog corny and entertaining, but right now we would like to emphasis something you should take seriously:  pay attention during REX.  Having fun at a dorm’s quirky event?  That event is probably a sneak peak into how the residents have fun with each other while taking a break from psets late at night.  All of Mccormick events have volunteers working to facilitate the fun — interact with the volunteers!!  They are real McCormick residents that love living there so much they moved in early to hang out with you guys!  They can tell you stories of what living in McCormick is really like because it’s not always like our REX/CPW events (although residents will find several of our events very familiar…).  

Time to stop with the boring information…let’s get to the most important part of REX — our events!!!

We have some classic McCormick events that we just can’t get rid of because they’re just too fun (and rioting might also occur)!  We also made some new events that fit into our theme which is…(drumroll please)… THROWBACK!  

“Throwback to what?” you might ask.  Well the answer is a simple E V E R Y T H I N G.  We are throwing it back SO HARD that at some events we’re throwing it Back to the Future.

Right when you walk into the lobby you are greeted with some friendly childhood toys along with some major middle school dance vibes

Are you excited yet? We sure are!  Here’s a preview to some of the McCormick events (along with their booklet description) we’re looking most forward to:

Mccormick Breakfast House

It would mean a waffle lot if you watch cartoons and munch on breakfast classics with us!

Neon Headphone Party

A dance party with 3 different channels? Come experience the silent disco hype in the legendary McCormick Dance Studio!

Night Carnival

Come one, come all to McCormick’s own Night Carnival! There’ll be cute baby animals, a bouncy house, cotton candy, popcorn, and snowcones! It’ll be a night to remember!

Night at Hogwarts

Enter the wizarding world of McCormick and join us as we eat HP-themed snacks and have a movie marathon!

Tie-Dye Party

Lets get gRooOoOoOvy! Head down to Mccormick to go back to our hippie roots and tie dye a tshirt, pillowcase, or socks!

Scratch Art

Come join us as we do scratch art and make door decorations to liven up your new dorm rooms! While working, we’ll be munching on 90’s snacks in McCormick’s beautiful penthouse overlooking the Charles River!

Casino Night

Come on down to the MC^2 Casino for an exciting night of games, mocktails, prizes, a movie, snacks, and great company!


The nostalgia!!  We also have several other events planned with lots of food, fun, movies, and ice cream!  If you are a prefrosh I hope you have a great time during REX and do not hesitate to ask us questions at [email protected]!