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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

Whirlwind Weekend by Bryan

highlights of the weekend (UPDATED!)

Medlinks auction

So on Thursday, the Medlinks had a dating auction to benefit a scholarship fund in Louisiana. One of my friends, Mike ’07, asked me if I wouldn’t mind going up for auction, and I obliged kindly. However, soon after, I began to worry about what my auction price would be.

Fortunately, we were allowed to give a little paragraph about ourselves as we walked up the catwalk in front of our potential dates.

“Bryan is a man beyond description. He has been known to compete in dance-offs. He is a man with fashion sense to rival your own. He gets his work done early so he has more time to devote to his friends, whether they can handle him or not. A worldly man, he has been everywhere and is from nowhere. His ideal date includes going out to lunch, going back to his place and watching kung fu.”

Points if you can guess the movie allusion.

Mitra enjoys the economic thrill of auctions.

Our emcee for the night, Julie Banda from MIT Medical.

Guessing Game:

What was my final auction price?

a) $15.75
b) $22.00
c) $57.50
d) $64.00
e) $92.13

ZBT Formal

This year it was at the State Room which is on the 33rd floor of an office building with a great view of the city.

The bloggers are quite stylish if I say so myself.

I promised not to reveal the identity of this person, but if you see this person with a spoon, watch out!


FSILG Awards Banquet

Two of my fraternity brothers, Chris ’06 and Wes ’07, allow me to test how obnoxious my flash would be during the ceremony.

This year my fraternity was named Chapter of the Year which was really cool.

4 responses to “Whirlwind Weekend”

  1. nehalita says:

    …speaking of allergies, do you have any information on that about MIT? I went to another college visit and my allergies were horrendous… lasting about 5 hours on nonstop sneezing/runny-nose. My allergies at MIT for CPW were okay (not as bad) but that was just one weekend…. it seems to be a hard question to answer but if you have any information, it’s greatly appreciated. To give you a background I’m allergic to pollen, dust, and too much of basically anything and I have asthma.

  2. JKim says:

    AP exams for us still in high school : talk about a whirlwind weekend!

  3. victor says:

    wow, it really is amazing…..

    the fun you have while in the school of your dreams; i really wish i get there

  4. Melis says:

    Ok, you can totally see my dress in that picture. IT WAS ME. I have a spoon and I know how to use it. Don’t get caught in a dark alley with me and my spoon, the consequences will be dire.