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MIT student blogger twins Danny and Allan G. '20

who else is watching infinity train?!?! by Danny and Allan G. '20

*a fangirling hub that we will update every day this week*

Nov 2, 2016

Three years ago, this was released!

We LOVED this short the first time we watched it!!! The concept of the show is oozing creativity! Tulip, the main character, is so cool and nerdy! One-One was so funny and such a unique character! And Corginia!!!! Land of Corgis! Equip with their own CORGI KING!

How could we not love this?!

Luckily, we were not the only ones crazy for this short!! Because…

Nov 26, 2017

A petition, which gained 57K signatures, was made to turn Infinity Train into its own show!!! The power of the internet is real!! Because…

April 13, 2018

In just under a year, Cartoon Network blessed the world with this announcement! And a couple months later,

July 21, 2018

THIS WAS RELEASED! One thing that struck out to us was the I N C R E D I B L E background art! It’s so BEAUTIFUL!!!

  1. WHATTT????!!! THE SKY IS YELLOW! uuuughhhh it’s sooo beautiful. The way the trees are painted! The color scheme! It works so well it hurts.
  2. ExCUsE ME???!! THE SOFT PINK LIGHTING FALLING ON THE WALL! You can literally see the brush strokes on the wall!!! THE DETAILS OF THE DESK from the stickers to the paper clip to the CD and EVEN THE COFFEE RING STAINS!!!! AND THE 2000s pipe pattern screensaver!!! This attention to detail should simply be forbidden.

Now that we got that off our chests, back to the timeline.

July 20, 2019

Two weeks ago, the trailer for the actual show was released!!!! AND THEN…

August 5, 2019

YESTERDAY WE WATCHED THE FIRST TWO EPISODES OF INFINITY TRAIN!!!!!! And there are going to be two episodes coming out every day for the next four days!!

We loved the first two episodes so much, we wanted to write this blog so we can fangirl about our favorite parts! We will update this post every day for the next four days, as the episodes continue being released! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Grid Car 

  • The intro scene with Mikayla and Tulip was so good! We are amazed by how cartoons can establish so much character and character relationships with such little time and dialogue.
  • We loved the squiggly lines in Mikayla’s hair design and the little hole in Tulip’s pony tail design!
  • Tulip casually eating an onion like an apple?! Love little character quirks like this!
  • The main character’s parents are divorced. Representation in cartoons is so important!
  • Tulip is so cool coding her video game, and wanting to go to Game Design camp! And the archaic Windows computer design is so nostalgic.
  • The train appearing was so mysterious and magical. Can’t wait for the next episodes to find out more!
  • The scene where Tulip walks past the snowman family and meets One-One! Uggghhh they could’ve done a boring intro of Tulip just stumbling upon One-One, but they made it so creative.
  • “Are you a toy? You have really good speech recognition.” Tulip is a NERD. The dialogue is so character-building!
  • Tulip’s excitement when she realizes she’s on a big train is so cute and makes us feel like kids again!
  • The Grid Car was so cool and magical and fun!
  • The outside world with the dog-roaches and the sky laser beam was so scary!

The Beach Car

  • The train cars in the beginning are so cool and creative!
  • Glad One and Sad One talking to each other is the best thing. “When it reaches zero you are gon-” “-you are gone forever!” “I was talking.” Also the way One-One can still express emotion with such a simple character design! When Sad one says “I was talking,” his eye simply turns from a circle to a half circle to show he is annoyed.
  • Randall the water blob was so funny! It was also so cool when he basically water-bended!
  • The scene where Tulip described the origin of her name was really funny! Also such character development!
  • The cat’s ship was so creative in its design and the way it moved!
  • It was hilarious when Randall seeped through the cracks of the cat’s ship!
  • Tulip and One-One’s friendship is heartwarming :)

The Corgi Car

  • CORGIS! Do we need to say more??
  • But seriously, Atticus is such a good character! “Us corgis are a proud people.”
  • The whole gag with Atticus going through doors! That was soooo perfect and funny.
  • The monster looked so cool! Loved how creepy the Steward’s fingers looked when it was typing!
  • This episode added so much new mystery with the orbs that the Steward was tinkering with! And why did the Steward run away when it saw One-One?
  • +100 for Atticus joining the team!

The Crystal Car

  • The Crystal Car looked so cool! Loved the crystal animals! Also reminded us of Steven Universe lol
  • Atticus and One-One singing was amazing.
  • The whole moment when Tulip realizes which song to sing was soooo cute and good and wholesome and funny.
  • The Crystal Giant’s tiny key necklace was cute.

The Cat’s Car

  • The train cars can switch positions Ö
  • Seeing Tulip’s memories really built her character and her relationship with her parents! It was also really cute to see her singing the road trip song!
  • Also the *way* that we got to see Tulips memories when she “stepped into” the TV was really creative!
  • The Cat’s claws instinctually releasing before she stopped herself was funny.
  • Seeing One-One wearing a wig in the commercial was priceless 😂
  • The scene where Tulip watches herself having “the divorce” conversation with her parents was sad, but also showed how she’s grown.
  • The number’s going down! Whyyyyyy???
  • Everyone walking away from the Cat and then One-One stopping to say “We don’t like you” to her was P E R F E C T I O N
  • The Steward at the end!!! Scaryyy!!

The Unfinished Car

  • The way gravity works in this car was really cool!
  • That moment when Tulip almost looked back at her hand! Still no clue what the numbers mean, but we want to know what number it was!
  • Why was One-One acting so weird????
  • When Tulip ran after him, and almost fell, but then the weird gravity saved her by pulling her upside-down to the stair case! That was cool!
  • Tulip telling One-One that “there isn’t a fault, it just is.” Tulip is giving One-One the words she needed to hear when she felt her parents’ divorce was her fault. This was a really good moment!
  • Also again impressed by how One-One, with his simple character design, can still express so much emotion and so many facial expressions!
  • The ending, where they focused on the speaker thing (?) on the wall! What was thattttt??

The Chrome Car

  • AAA we are rewatching the episode to write about it in more detail and we are noticing the ROUNDNESS of the story and the FORESHADOWING!!! aaaaa it’s soooo gooddd! The episode started and ended with the jelly bean flicking!!! And while Tulip was looking through her Swiss Army knife, she flipped past the mirror inside!!!
  • Sad-One saying “This is my cocoon now.” Why are Sad-One’s one-liners perfection????
  • The Chrome Car looks so COOOLLLL!
  • Atticus barking at his reflection!!! Whoever wrote that moment into the script or storyboard, thank you.
  • AAA the whole concept of your reflection being their own person!!! And the scene where Tulip and her reflection switch places! This car is SO cool, both in concept and look!
  • Omg Atticuses reflection being all timid 😂
  • We honestly don’t even know how to put into words how much we loved the vibe and everything about the ‘flecs.’ And also just the world-building aspect of ‘flecs’ being short for “reflection enforcement.” Like seriously. THIS. SHOW.
  • The chase scene where Tulip’s reflection escaped the Mirror World was soooo cool! We will say that it was a little hard to read what was happening in the moment when Tulip’s reflection get’s pulled up. It just happened a little too quickly.
  • The conversation between Tulip and her reflection at the end was really sweet!

The Ball Pit Car

  • “My fur and I seem to be having a disagreement.” Yes, just yes.
  • The Ball Pit Car looks so cool inside! And also made us feel nostalgic!
  • The conversation between Tulip and Atticus was so wholesome!
  • When they were walking through the steward’s tentacles! AAAA the stresss!

The Past Car

  • ashlkdfhalsd this episode was soooo saddddd aaaa
  • Sad-One saying “I *am* glorious” is the best thing ever.
  • One-One rewinding the memory?!
  • Sad-One saying “Plato says love is a serious mental disease” is soooo gooodddd
  • “The tape reflects how each memory is stored and the conductor keeps this memory at a distance” AAaaa this part was so cool and creative!!!
  • This episode played us to think that Alrick is the conductor because Amelia died until the last second, when it’s revealed that it is actually the other way around!
  • Tulip’s moment at the end, where she acknowledges she is running away from the changes in her life just like Amelia did, was so good.
  • The sequence when Tulip figured out how to hack the train to get the car to move to the Engine was so badass!!! It also felt very MIT-esque. Honestly Tulip feels like she could/should go to MIT.

The Engine

  • This episode was so fast paced and so many questions were answered!!
  • The conductor/Emilia was the one who actually made the unfinished car and she just wants Alrick back aaaa
  • That, by no means, excuses her actions but this show makes you sympathize with the “bad guy”
  • a huge theme in this show is the concept of change, how difficult it can be, yet ultimately best, to accept and embrace. This is a theme that comes up SO much in Steven Universe
  • This last bullet point is just to make the point that Infinity Train has similarities to another cartoon we love!
  • One-One found his mum! This show is so weird and funny in the best way
  • Tulip trying to shoot Aticus to turn him back into a corgi, but misses a couple times and thereby makes a corgi computer and corgi bed! Soooo goooddd and cute
  • Aaaa seeing Emilia’s huge numberrr aaaa sooo many feels aaaaaa
  •  Sad-One wanting a hug and then Tulip, One-One, and Atticus have a group hug! sooo wholesome, so good
  • Tulip in the 7 months later scene looked so happy! Such a good ending!
  • And apparently this show will return!!!!

Welp, that’s the end of this blog (that is, until the show returns!)