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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Who WIll Win the Nobel Prize? by Matt McGann '00

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The Nobel PrizeOne week from today — on Monday, October 8 — the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden will begin to award this year’s Nobel Prizes.

Nobel Week is a pretty exciting time on campus, since a current or former MIT faculty member or alum has won a Nobel every year since 1993.

So this year, just for fun, I’m doing a poll.  Which MIT professor is your pick to win a Nobel Prize this year?

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The “nominees” come from the Thomson Reuters list of Citation Laureates (which has been a reasonable predictor of winners). Here they are, in alphabetical order, listed with the Nobel they might win and why they might win it:

Alan Guth Alan Guth (Physics)

Cosmic inflation

On the blogs: “My advisor won $3 million

Jerry Hausman Jerry Hausman (Economics)

Econometrics / Hausman test


Bengt Holmstrom Bengt Holmstrom (Economics)

Theory of the firm | Contracting and incentives

On the blogs: “Holmstrom, et al.

Richard Hynes Richard Hynes (Medicine)

Cell adhesion


Eric Lander Eric Lander (Medicine)

Human genome mapping

On the blogs: “Eric Lander, spring rolls, and the New York Times

Bob Langer Robert Langer (Medicine)

Drug delivery systems | Tissue engineering

On the blogs: “Rubbing elbows

Stephen Lippard Stephen Lippard (Chemistry)

Bioinorganic chemistry / Metallointercalators


Stephen Ross Stephen Ross (Economics)

Arbitrage Pricing Theory


Bob Weinberg Robert Weinberg (Medicine)


On the blogs: “Profiles in Courage

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