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Regular Action FAQs

I submitted my materials, so why don’t I see them in my status portal yet?

Due to tremendous volume, we have been experiencing document processing delays of up to two weeks (and sometimes more). If after 15 working days you still do not see the expected admissions documents on your status page, you should submit them again, but please do not call or email us to ask where they are—it will only slow our processing down. We promise we are working through everything and there is no need for you to worry: we read applications as they become complete and will wait until we have all the information we need about your case before we make a decision.


What if I can’t submit my transcripts and recommendations before the deadline?

Not to worry! We will still accept required components sent by other people, such as transcripts and recommendations, after the January 5 deadline so long as your application (i.e. the essays, activities, self-reported coursework, etc.) has been submitted on time. Focus on what you can control, and trust the process. Your application will not be adversely affected if outstanding materials arrive after the deadline.


When will I hear about an interview?

After you submit your application, you may be contacted by an Educational Counselor (EC) for a virtual interview, depending on the capacity in your region. An EC will contact you at the email address you provided on your application, so please check your inbox and respond promptly! Most Regular Action interviews will take place in January 2022. If we are unable to offer you an interview, it will be waived, and it will not impact your application in any way.


What if I can’t get my financial aid application completed before the deadline?

Again, don’t worry! The Regular Action deadline is February 15 for financial aid, and awards are released in mid-March. That said, we accept financial aid applications on a rolling basis after the deadline—and if you would like to wait until you learn if you are admitted, that is fine too. It will not impact your application for admission in any way, nor will it affect the amount of financial aid that you receive.


What if I don’t see my CSS Profile or FAFSA in my status portal?

It can take up to 10 working days for materials to show up in your student portal. If after 15 working days (give it a few extra, just in case), you still don’t see the financial aid documents in your portal, you can contact the Student Financial Services team at [email protected]—and be sure to include your full name as it appears on your application!


Do you provide a fee waiver for the CSS Profile?

MIT is not able to offer a CSS Profile fee waiver directly, but some students are able to have the fee waived by the College Board. You are also welcome to wait until you learn if you’ve been admitted before submitting the application. We accept financial aid applications on a rolling basis—it will not impact your application for admissions in any way, nor will it impact the amount of financial aid that you receive.


Have a different question?

Please check out the website, probably our Apply section, to see if you can find the answer you are looking for. We also have a pretty good search functionality and FAQ section!


Still can’t find the answer?

So that you know, we are experiencing a higher-than-normal volume of email and are working super hard to respond to all of you. However, we will of course answer your questions if you haven’t been able to find the answer online. It just may take us a bit longer than normal, so please be patient—we promise to get back to you!