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First-year applicants: Interview

About the interview

At MIT we don’t just want to see how you look on paper; we’re interested in the whole person. That’s why, whenever possible, we offer an interview with a member of the MIT Educational Council, a network of over 5,000 MIT graduates around the world who volunteer to meet with applicants in their home area.


After you submit your application (Part 1 and 2), you may be contacted by one of our Educational Counselors (ECs) if there’s one available. ECs will typically use the email address you provided on your application to contact you, so please monitor your inbox and respond promptly.


Your interview will take place in your local area. Most ECs will suggest meeting at a mutually agreed upon site like a local coffeehouse, restaurant, bookstore, or library. In some cases, your interview may be conducted over Skype . If we are unable to offer you an interview with an alumni volunteer, your interview will be waived, and your application will not be adversely affected.

What to expect

Typically, interviews last an hour, though they can range from 30 minutes to two hours long.

Before you meet with your EC, try to anticipate some of the questions you might be asked. Talk with friends and family about their interview experiences, or read our blog entries about interviews. Think through stories or examples that will give your interviewer a vivid sense of your passions and aspirations.

MIT interviews are not usually formal affairs. Dress in a manner that is appropriate for the meeting place you have agreed upon. You don’t need to be “all dressed up,” but you shouldn’t be dressed in a manner that would embarrass your grandmother.

Finally, as is true for all parts of our application process, just be yourself!

For more information, contact [email protected].