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First-year applicants: February Updates & Notes Form

This online form is required for all applicants who were admitted or deferred in Early Action, and all students who applied for Regular Action. The February Updates & Notes Form will be available on your application portal in mid-January and should be completed as soon as possible after completion of the fall semester (or after completion of the second quarter, if your school uses a quarter-based system).

Trimester schedule

If your school uses a trimester schedule, please use your first-trimester grades. Students who have already graduated simply select the “I’m not currently attending school; MIT has all of my grades.” option on the form.

Midyear grades

Please be sure to get your official midyear grades from your college counselor to complete the February Updates & Notes Form accurately. Your counselor does not need to mail your midyear grades to us directly—we will verify the accuracy of the information you submit as needed.
The February Updates & Notes Form also includes an opportunity for you to update us on anything important that has occurred since you submitted your application. Using the February Updates & Notes Form for such updates is preferred over mailed or emailed updates.