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First-year applicants: Biographical information

As you get started on your application, here are a few things that we want you to know before you tell us more about yourself.


We ask that you use one email for all activities related to your applicationincluding communicating with us and registering for standardized tests—so the email you list on your application should match the email that you used to create your account. And please make sure that it’s an email you’ll have access to through next summer.

Name and preferred name

When filling out these fields, you should use your current, legal first and last name. This is important so that our application matches your financial aid records.

We also ask you what you’d like us to call you. If you enter a preferred first name, this name will be used in all official print and email communication from our office unless you tell us otherwise. We will give you this option later in the application.


We want to know your home address, which is your permanent address. If we send you mail it will be sent to your home address unless you’ve indicated a mailing address.

Biographical information

Due to U.S. federal reporting requirements, we must ask for sex in a binary fashion. We suggest responding with the sex that is indicated on your birth certificate or other similar government documents. However, we recognize that people have a wide range of gender identities, so we recommend using the following question on the application to indicate your gender.

If you do not see your gender identity listed, select “My gender is:” and enter how you would like to identify.


Please select the country of your primary citizenship. If you have dual citizenship, you should apply to MIT with your U.S. citizenship status. If you hold a non-U.S. dual citizenship, you may select your preferred country and your application will be listed as international in our application process. We don’t have any preference as to which country you list.

Pronouns and preferred name

You may indicate your pronouns in this section (for example, he/him, she/her, they/them).

This is where we will ask you if you want us to use your preferred name in all official print and email communication from our office.

Sexual orientation

Please know that we will not share this information with your family or publicly, and we will never mail anything to your house specifically addressing your gender identity or sexual orientation. If admitted, you may receive emails from our office relating to resources on campus.

Religious affiliation

If you are admitted, you may receive an email or two from our campus spiritual leaders, sharing information about resources available at MIT. However, we do not share your contact information with them, we reach out on their behalf. They will only have your information if you choose to reach out to them directly.

Family information

You will be asked to provide a bit of information about the people you consider to be your parents in the application, whether they are your biological parents, adoptive parents, or stepparents. You may also list up to two additional caregivers or guardians.