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  • Discover / The MIT education

    Majors & minors

    these schools offers degrees in their courses of study, as well as minors ... 're counted differently than at most other universities. The terminology can be ... .[/intro] Your first year When you apply to MIT, you apply to the entire university
  • Discover / The MIT education


    Harvard University for degree credit at no extra charge. Harvard subjects ... [intro]In addition to the thousands of courses already offered by the ... drawing, painting, and printmaking that are not offered for credit at MIT
  • Apply / First-year applicants

    First-year eligibility

    secondary education and wish to pursue a bachelor's degree as a full-time university student. Students may apply during or after their final year of ... another degree-granting institution.[/annotation] Please note that MIT does
  • Apply / Preparing for MIT

    What to do in high school

    . We understand that high schools have different offerings and families ... interest you. We know that not all high schools offer the chance to take all ... -enrollment opportunities at local colleges or universities, including community colleges
  • Discover / About MIT

    A brief history of MIT

    .[/intro] A private university in the public interest The story of MIT begins ... and universities, open in their admission to ordinary people, that would ... sent west to create the [annotation note="Today known as the University
  • Apply / Transfer applicants

    Transfer eligibility

    how many classes you may have taken at the university or college level ... standing at an accredited college, university, technical institute, or ... does not award second bachelor’s degrees MIT does not award second
  • Discover / The MIT education

    Global education

    STEM in foreign high schools and universities a study abroad program that offers opportunities to study for the semester, year, or summer at a university overseas a global classroom program that offers students short
  • Discover / About MIT

    Life after MIT

    : 47% of 2023 bachelor’s degree graduates had internship/externship that led to accepted job offer. 45% found jobs through networking. 31 ... % have pursued a graduate or professional degree since graduating from MIT
  • Discover / Life and culture

    Arts & music

    -based laboratory offering an undergraduate minor and concentration, plus a variety of ... degree programs; hands-on classes; makerspaces; and 100+ concerts and
  • Apply / Transfer applicants

    Academic preparation

    applying, taking full advantage of their institution’s offerings in these ... offered at your institution to those offered at MIT, you can refer to the MIT Bulletin (Course and Degree Catalog). Standardized tests We require the SAT
  • Apply / First-year applicants

    DACA & undocumented applicants

    students. For those students who face financial barriers, we offer fee ... published a comprehensive website that includes colleges’ and universities ... student (esta guía está disponible en español). QuestBridge offers several
  • Discover / Learn more

    Books about MIT

    small technical school into a major research university Becoming MIT ... : Bosworth's New Tech by Mark M. Jarzombek, which offers an illustrated account ... expectations within a university Mens et Mania: The MIT Nobody Knows
  • Discover / Life and culture

    Athletics & recreation

    teams, we offer the largest Division III program in the nation, in ... other universities, while intramural sports are teams of MIT students ... , the oldest university sailing pavilion in the world and the birthplace
  • Apply / Preparing for MIT

    Summer programs

    selective summer programs, at MIT and elsewhere, that offer compelling ... attend or, like MIT, offer generous need-based financial aid. MIT summer programs MIT does not offer open-enrollment summer programs where any high
  • Discover / Life and culture

    The MIT community

    alumni, while others come from hundreds of other universities around the ... , at some point, pursue a graduate degree, and benefit from having ... . This unusual degree of access has deep cultural roots in our longstanding
  • Explore MIT on your own

    rabbit hole deep into the digital MIT universe...we consider that a success ... for free Enroll in one of MIT's free, self-paced courses offered through
  • Apply / First-year applicants

    International applicants

    to apply to American universities, including MIT. We particularly ...  not impact when or how you apply or the financial aid you are offered. Rather, this ... [/annotation] at another university—either in America or abroad—must apply to MIT as