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Apr 10, 2006

Back Bay 5K

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As I wrote in a previous entry, I signed up to run the Back Bay 5K last Saturday. Results here.

I very intelligently chose to walk across the bridge in flip-flops. For those of you who were not at MIT last weekend and aren't aware, it was rather chilly. And by "rather," I mean "freaking."

While Sam '07 pins on his bib, I warm up my hands... I can pin another bib on Veena '06. Don't let our smiles fool you. It is freezing.

I attempt to curl up to conserve warmth (not tie Sam's shoelace) as Melis '08 laughs at me in her warm, warm sweatshirt. I hate you, Melis. (But you do have beautiful eyes :P )

I went on a warm-up jog and when I came back, everyone had lined up to start. Not cool, people.

We had a very nice view of the Esplanade while running.

Here, some of the organizers tally the results.

No post-college, pre-50 female runners stuck around for awards, so Sam got one of the prizes. Have fun with your free fitness consultation, bud.

Our BU friend Jessica '08 -- thanks for the pictures!

It is freezing, but we are happy =) The Boston Marathon is going DOWN.

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Hey mitra!! Glad you had fun at the race. And yay for Melis' beautiful eyes! It's true?!......I was the dork at the blogger party that said that. I emailed you the picture of us =). I had so much fun at CPW! For sure I am coming to MIT so maybe I shall see you, Melis, and her beautiful eyes in the fall!! Yay......

Posted by: Armand on April 10, 2006

Wow, the poster above is called Armand? As in the Armand Banderas plays in An Interview With The Vampire? Cool! Mitra, you are cute!

Posted by: Shammi on April 11, 2006

glad u enjoyed.

Posted by: gokul on April 12, 2006

wow, it looks like you guys were having lots of fun regardless of the coldness...

Posted by: Angelina on April 12, 2006

Armand and Shammi sure have a way with the ladies!

Posted by: Melis on April 14, 2006

Haha! :D. Was fun finally getting to meet you.

By the way, my friend here in biology class thinks you're quite the looker.

Posted by: Timur Sahin on April 19, 2006

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