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Apr 26, 2006

Dating At MIT: Episode 1

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So two of my favorite '09s have just started dating each other (it's, like, facebook-official dude!), which makes me enormously happy because (a) they're pretty much the same person so their banter is fun to watch and (b) I can blog about it.

(By the way - while I may write embarassing things about them, I do respect their privacy, so names will not be revealed.)

So the three of us had lunch today. Allow me to share an example of (a) from said lunch:

She: You're a nerd.
He: No I'm not.
She: Yes you are.
He: Prove it.
She: You stopped kissing me the other day to say "Q.E.D." and then went back to kissing me. So... Q.E.D.
(Cue laughter, general cuteness.)

I love this place.

So Mollie can tell you all about being married at MIT, but if you have any questions about simply dating here, post 'em and I'll, er, ask my sources.

More episodes to follow. They're just too cute not to share.


Edit, 4PM, my office.

He/She: We're here to KILL you Ben.


Edit: 1 day later, as reported by She in an email.

(He/She = kissing.)
He: Cutie!
She: Ew, don't call me that.
He: Call you what?
She: Cutie.
He: I didn't say cutie, I said Q.E.D.
She: *bangs head on desk*

Seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up.

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Aww, cute.

Posted by: Michael Borohovski on April 26, 2006

haha what a nice post. =P

I love the "it's complicated" facebook relationship.

looking forward to the "episodes"... like 24! =]

Posted by: Phillip Kim on April 26, 2006

Hmm. I have my suspicions.

Of course, I might just be really wrong. And you're dead now, so it's not like you can -

Maybe I should be fearing for your safety, instead of continuing the gossip-like threa

Posted by: thekeri on April 26, 2006


Relationships stole all of my friends.

Posted by: Anthony on April 26, 2006

(Singsong voice)

I know who the '09s are sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

(And in case they're wondering why I know)

Ben is a G-O-S-S-I-P


Posted by: Mollie on April 26, 2006

One of my big concerns when I was looking at Brown is that no one really officially dates, and I've heard very much the opposite about M.I.T.

I just hope I'll find someone at M.I.T. who can, as Jimmy Eat World so eloquently put it, "kick start my rock & roll heart"!

Posted by: Sarah Dupuis on April 26, 2006

Cute indeed! :D

Posted by: Timur Sahin on April 26, 2006


Posted by: 0 on April 26, 2006

"So Mollie can tell you all about being married at MIT"


Hmm. My comment regarding dating: Since you read all of our applications, (practically!) I think it would be fair to name you MIT's matchmaker. Let me give you an example of how you can make this work: Somewhere in my application, you find out Christina loves iced coffee. Another random kid from...Ohio...also loves iced coffee.


Anyway, why did he stop kissing her to say QED? What was he QED'ing about?

Posted by: Christina on April 26, 2006

yeah, my mom's really concerned that I'm going to marry right out of college. she's been giving me those "now, don't forget your future" talks for a while now.

in all seriousness, though, what is dating at mit like? I've heard people compare it to taking another course.

Posted by: 0 on April 27, 2006

O_O. matchmaking looks fun!

Posted by: 0 on April 27, 2006

I'd have to say this is quite entertaining. I especially like the comparison of dating to taking another course, although i hope that isn't what it would become for me, its an interesting thought. "Welcome to gender relations. Here is your partner, now take the next few weeks/months and check for compatability..."

Posted by: Drew on April 27, 2006

I tried using Admissions as a matchmaking service (See my CPW Registration form). It was just a joke, but I'm sure theres some serious money to be made there. Not in actually matching the people of course, but in wagering on likely '10 relationships. You should start a pool Ben.

Posted by: Dan Scofield on April 27, 2006


I love nerds...Hopefully, there'll be one for me smile

Posted by: Masha on April 27, 2006

Dan- tell me about it. You'd think Ben was just the kind of person who would try to play matchmaker through applications. I already made fun of Ben for not totally calling this one ahead of time. I can't believe he isn't on top of this match-making thing...

Posted by: Laura on April 27, 2006

You know, I second Christina's idea. Matchmake away, Ben. You know you want to.

Posted by: thekeri on April 27, 2006



Posted by: Saad Zaheer on April 27, 2006

We love you Ben!!!

I too second Christina's idea.


PS: I love Coffee Frappuccino. Any matches..LOL(J/K)

Posted by: Arka on April 28, 2006

Well, isn't that an encouraging concept; being interested in solving Rubick's Cube here may not actually be a turn-off to everyone I meet. Granted, my ex was cool enough with my obsession - she actually gave me my first Cube to own, so I can always blame her too. Such a fun time.

You know you're a geek when:

Your girlfriend must explain her feelings to you in mathematical terminology.

i.e.: (written 'cause I can't type-set here)"The limit of 'less than three' as 'I' approaches 'You' is undefined!"

I was laughing for the rest of my vacation when I read that... Geeky romantics are best when they're clever.

Posted by: Evan I on April 28, 2006

Hi Ben ,

I can't find Ann '09 blog any more , could u tell me where I can find it , At least the entries archive , I know that Ann stopped bloggin, but her blog contain alot Of Information for International students, I've tried to send her messages before but there's no reply.

Help Please


Posted by: Hema on April 30, 2006

aww how sweet! bt the girl must be gettin annoyed with Q.E.D lol!




Posted by: shefshoes on May 1, 2006

Hahahaha, that's awesome! The funny part is that's not the first Q.E.D. joke I've heard :p

Posted by: Luke on May 1, 2006

Too damn cute.

whatchacallum...relashumashrimps stole all my friends too, anthony. damn senior year, everyone starts pairing up...meh. Geek matchups are the best, though, luck to everyone

Posted by: John on May 1, 2006

Hi Ben!

Sorry for going out of the topic. It seems impossible to make $5500 for self help without spending summer at MIT. What is the procedure for international stuedents to repay their loans ( taken to contribute for self help ) after ending their student status? Once they return to their home country it may be quite large amount in terms of their own currency! Please guide me. Whether students are allowed to work for some time after ending their status or this problem has not arisen so far?

Posted by: XYZ on May 3, 2006

Speaking of dating and such... anyone want to go to a prom this year in New Jersey? =)

Posted by: vicki on May 3, 2006

XYZ: I asked Daniel Barkowitz, and he responded:

"The Self Help can be divided between campus work and loans, and students can manage their expenses to minimize their borrowing. Additionally, loan deferrals can be arranged through the Loan Office. The loans do carry a 10 year repayment plan."

Hope this helps! If you have additional questions, please email the financial aid office as they will be your best resource.

Posted by: Ben on May 4, 2006

such capricious moments are so funny. Imagine a case when 2 scientists fall madly in love; what do you think will happen when say a reaction in the lab gets off to a wrong end. The arguements,i think, will be thrilling.

The endpoint in a cetain reaction may have say changed the indicator's color to an unexpected one.

My arguement is based on a case of Marie and Pierre Curie( the curies) they seemed to be an unhappy couple.

One hint or pointer i may give to daters is they should really avoid being "mentals".

Posted by: victor on May 9, 2006

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