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Jul 8, 2005

Sam Videos

Posted in: Miscellaneous

Allow me to combine Bryan's impressive video posting initiative with Sam's undeniable nerdiness and my own insatiable appetite to document ridiculous things my friends do.

Here are two videos from freshman year that will, to be frank, make you laugh, make you cry, make you look up what the hell the Biot-Savart equation is, and make you work harder on your MIT application than on any other. (And that last reason, my friends, is why I'm willing to risk Sam's integrity and, consequently, my own life by showing what you're about to see.)

Video 1: Ozone
Video 2: Joke

You better watch these ASAP, because Sam will eventually find out about this entry, and it ain't gonna be pretty.

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OK having been through 5.12 myself, video #1, clearly points to organic chemistry overdose.

Now when you start classifying hairstyles as different reaction coordinate diagrams, you need to seek treatment.

- mr. nucleophile

Posted by: Bryan on July 8, 2005

Pure brilliance.

Posted by: Ben on July 8, 2005

Hahaha I totally love video 1. Maybe its because I'm in Course 5 but nevertheless that is hilarious.

Posted by: Vic on July 8, 2005


Posted by: Laura on July 10, 2005

god i can't get over mr. ozone. I had sam do it again for pooja and me while we were at CPW.

Posted by: nghi on July 11, 2005

why do they teach us the Biot-Savart equation in high school then? i had a hard time understanding and memorizin the whole thing...damn! well at least tht's one topic less for me in college i guess.. :D

Posted by: aaron on July 11, 2005

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