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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

11,231 Applications by Matt McGann '00

Today’s issue of MIT’s student newspaper, The Tech, accurately reported that we have received a record high 11,231 applications this year (this number will probably change slightly by the time we get to selection committee).

While the article (as Ben has pointed out) contains a number of factual errors, it does also correctly state that we have seen a rise in both domestic and international applicants. We have received greater than 2,500 international applications and nearly 9,000 domestic applications this year, both record highs.

It is shaping up to be an extremely competitive year for MIT admissions. Between the early and regular action applicants I’ve already seen, I am disappointed to know that we won’t be able to find room for all of the many, many terrific applicants. But it also means that the MIT Class of 2010 will be among the best ever. I’m excited to continue selecting the class!

100 responses to “11,231 Applications”

  1. Christine Li says:

    Good luck reading the applications, Mr. McGann!

  2. mohan says:

    It’s great

  3. thekeri says:

    Over 11,000?

    Okay. Wow.

    I can’t be the only one who looked at that number and thought, “Whoa, that’s really high…”

  4. Mohan says:

    I am taking my JEE this year. Its challenging but I want to enjoy it. JEE had been changed this year I am sure that the competitors will be more than 3,00,000. But I want to be in the top of the race.

    Niti sharma(MIT class of 2005)had achieved rank around 900 in JEE.

  5. Arka says:


    Its fun to know that MIT recieved a record high 11,000 applications.

    Guess what, the Indian institute of Technology, recieves a total of 125million domestic application….big number right finally they take in 5000. Ha ha…I know that is terrific. But yay! I got in…

  6. Mohan says:

    The number of applications to MIT is lower than IIT JEE because IIT JEE is an entrance examination. If MIT would held its own test then this number would exceed the present IIT JEE applicants.

  7. Alexandre says:

    As best I can figure out, MIT offers admission to 1500 students, minus the 377 already admitted EA.

    That leaves 1123 seats open to be given among 11,231 candidates. That’s about 10.00% admission rate – lower than Princeton, Harvard, and about the same as Yale.

    Of course, this number will probably increase after incomplete applications are removed and EA students decline their seats.

  8. Alexandre says:

    If the information on Ben’s blog is correct (and it probably is):

    Domestic: 1033 seats among nearly 9000 applicants (11.5%)

    International: 90 seats among over 2500 applicants (3.6%)

  9. Nalin K says:

    *singing* eleven thousand, two hundred, thirty-one applications…how do you measure, the strength of the can-di-dates?

    Okay, doesn’t sound quite as right as 525,600 minutes, but it’ll do for now.

    Kudos to all of you for all the hard work.

  10. Holy, Arka, that’s such a high number! Gee, it really must be much, much more competitive than I know. I have some friends in India, and they keep telling me about their friends’ experiences applying to IIT. It sounded horrible to me – now I know the percentage is even smaller! (0.004% approx, if I got my decimal places right. =D)

  11. Anonymous says:

    That IIT number can’t be right– that’d be 1/10 of Indians! Are you sure you didn’t mean thousand?

  12. angelina says:

    the chance of my getting into MIT is that slim…no comments…in a state of shock and despair…

  13. akshay says:

    the number for IIT applicants is 175,000-200,000 and not 125 million.

    the total number of applicants selected are 4000.For getting a good stream/branch you should have a rank in the top 1500, which is less than 99th percentile

  14. akshay says:

    *more than 99th percentile

  15. Maciek says:

    Hello gu… people (ehh… political correctness) smile

    Does anyone of you use any IMs? It would be nice to meet some of the prospective students, exchange opinions, experiences etc smile You can contact me via yahoo messenger (carpediem867) or MSN ( I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Have a nice day! smile

    Maciek, Poland

  16. Maciek says:

    MSN ID should be ‘maciej.pacula[at]’, it didn’t display correctly for some reason

  17. Chandresh says:

    “Between the early and regular action applicants I’ve already seen, I am disappointed to know that we won’t be able to find room for all of the many, many terrific applicants.”

    Does this mean the waiting list will have a record size?

  18. shikhar says:

    yep last year the JEE clocked an applicant pool of 2,25000. And the people who were accepted into the seven IIT’s were 3492. And yeah if u want Aero/Astro/ Electrical/Computers/Mechanical your rank should be in 1000. So that’s like top 0.004%.

    Well but we are talking about MIT here.And this pool is really very intense.

    Btw Arka how’d you get into IIT the exam is in April 2006 or did u qualify IIT 2005

    “But it also means that the MIT Class of 2010 will be among the best ever.”

    Since I will be in it. :D

    joking although I seriously hope to get through.

  19. Drew says:

    “That leaves 1123 seats open” That is a true number, but as to the number of applications the 377 admitted EA seem to be included in the 11,231 applications, so it would be 10854 applicants for remaining seats of 1123, with 10.3%. Not that big of a difference but i’m sure the people in that .3% will be much happier, haha.

    Only on an MIT forum would the attention to numbers and odds be so high

  20. Arka says:

    Guys! Calm down!!!!

    Thats what the following website says!!!!

    Dont blame me…..grin

    And ya! I got in the IIT 2005. But decided to get in MIT. And continue with Shikhar “”But it also means that the MIT Class of 2010 will be among the best ever.”. Since all of us will be in….jk.

    Have fun!

  21. Fadl says:


    I have a question. Seeing as the number of applicants that have applied this year are up 7.5% from last year does this mean that you might be planning to increase the number of those admitted (Hopefully)? I was just wondering.

  22. julia says:

    For those nervous Regular Action applicants out there~ don’t worry!

    I applied Early Action and was also bogged down by the numbers and really nervous when I read that MIT has the lowest Early Action acceptance rate at 12%, whereas early at Harvard, Yale, Princeton are all closer to 20%.

    However, don’t let the numbers get to you! I got in early action…so just wait and see! You too could be part of the 10, 11, or 12% that get in regular action!!!

    Good luck everyone and relax…there’s nothing you can do about the application right now. Just wait, hope, and you’ll see!

  23. Siddharth says:

    oy! somebody got into IIT? that’s sweet. my dad wouldn’t let me apply, he wanted me to school here in america :( but i was looking at some of their old entry exams online, i thought i could handle most of it…

    btw, lots of indians on these message boards?

    and just a note, there is an iit in america, it’s called the Illinois Institute of Technology.. my cousin brother in Chicago fooled me once b/c he said he got into IIT. i was amazed and then he was like nah, it’s illinois.

  24. Anonymous says:

    You forgot to include the rejected students(216), so remaining pool should be about 10,640. With 1120 seats it’s up to 10.5%. Good luck to all the applicants!

  25. Rafael says:

    wow, thats a bunch of applications! Btw, how many people are actually involved in selecting the class of 2010??

  26. moonghostv says:

    How important are the SAT I and II scores of international students for the admissions officers? When I took the SAT I math section and the SAT II Math Level I, the format of the problems and the time limit were completely new to me, and I got only 710 on the SAT I Math and 700 on the SAT II Math Level I. I know many international students score high on the SAT math tests, but I have participated in international leadership programs and have won several national competitions. Can that, along with the fact that I am extremely motivated and hard-working and have shown that in my application, compensate for my bad test scores? My TOEFL scores are better than the SAT I, but I have listed both results in my application part II. Will the admissions office regard my TOEFL results instead of the SAT I?

    Something I read on an internet site really shocked me. The article said that an admissions officer will stop reading the essay and deny admission to the student just because of a typing mistake. Is that really true? Isn’t it unfair to international students, who might make a grammar or awkward word usage mistake because they are not native speakers?

  27. Dinyar says:

    moonghostv: a score of 700 or better is already regarded as great afaik. (at least that’s what I’ve been reading here for a while already)

    and regarding your question about typing mistakes: I can’t really believe that and it would very much surprise me if there was such a policy in place.

  28. Ramya says:

    Hi anonymous I am sorry for it (about your assumption of the ranking of IITs).But actually IIT’s are placed nearly at 450-500 in the world rankings. Although there may be great faculty in IIT’s who are extraordinary in field of research. But there is no great funding for the Research in IIT’s. hence, a student although may be the cleverest cannot be enlightened to this world. By some survey it is found that the total amount spend by IIT’s over the research for last 10 years is equal to the amount spend by MIT in 3 months for research.

  29. Ramya says:

    In the above link one can find the rankings of all the top 500 universities in the world

  30. LongL says:

    CPW is coming up.

    I am so excited already.

    I’ll see you soon =D

  31. Siddharth says:


    From ur link, “IIT JEE is taken mostly by middle class applicants from urban areas with total population about 125 million”

    im guessing this to mean that the URBAN AREAS have total pop of ~125mil, not that the actual number of applicants is 125 million.

    just a thought. enjoy!

  32. Anonymous says:

    sorry but,

    ……please answer the questions of prospectives, Please…….

  33. Anonymous says:

    sorry but,

    ……please answer the questions of prospectives, Please…….

  34. Arka says:

    Compilation error

    Or might be “reading data eroor”

    But finally it was an “execution error”

    I need to reinstall ‘my’ Operating System.

    I mean “MY” and not my computers.

    Before getting into MIT ~_^

    Guys lets forget about IIT and think about MIT.

    Waiting to get the….

    System.out.println(“You are accepted to MIT”);

    ha ha ,


  35. Arka says:

    * A bit of java fun

  36. Arka says:

    For those of who know MATLAB programming try this out…

    run /Users/johnderrico/Documents/Files/work in progress/fminsearchbnd2.m

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    run /Users/johnderrico/Desktop/My_FEX/opt_reg_tips/fminsearchbnd.m

    run /Applications/MATLAB701/toolbox/matlab/funfun/fminsearch.m

    You will find links in your command window, allowing you to run or edit any of

    the functions it finds with no more than a mouse click. Try whichx. I predict you

    will find it useful

    They are really very useful.

  37. Arka says:

    * do u like my special name::: John Derrico

    Ha ha …I feel like a detective

  38. Jason says:

    Hey why do people keep posting everything twice lately?

  39. R says:

    The class admitted for fall 2005:

    10,443 students applied

    1,495 admitted

    2794 students applied early action

    384 students admitted early

    2240 students deferred to regular action

    267 deferred applicants admitted during regular action

    2210 international students applied

    112 admitted

    From what I can gather, if 8% of the admits can be Intl then they could have accepted 119 students but they accepted 112 meaning that only 7.55% of the admits were Intl. This made the acceptance rate of Intl students 5.06%.

    For EA students, if you count those that were actually admitted EA and those that were admitted RA the actual acceptance rate for those who applied EA was 23.3%. This means that 43.54% of the total admits were EA applicants.

    48.9% of the admits were composed of RA students meaning that there is actually an acceptance rate of 13.46% if you apply RA.

    On a last note, 25.68% of the admits were admitted during EA.

  40. Steven Lu says:

    let us bring out the prayer mats

  41. Julius P. says:

    I guess they calculate the number of international admissions from the amount of total admissions. Not only from the regular ones. At least, that’s how I interpret the text in mymit.

    total admissions (approx): 1500 => 120 internationals

    early admission: 377

    regular admission: 1123 admissions | 9000 applicants => 12,4%

    international students: 120 admissions | 2500 applicants => 4,8%

    I didn’t mean to be the wise guy, but the geek wanted out. :]

  42. Harish says:

    Okay, there’s been a lot opf rubbish being posted about IIT here. Let me clear some facts::

    1. IITJEE is given by approx. 250,000 students. The top 2500-3000 get into IIT’s while the rest get into ISM Dhanbad and BHU-IT. To get a seat in Electrical, Software, Mechanical, Communications and Electronics or other so-called “In-Demand” Courses, you have to get a top 1000 rank.

    2.The entrance exam is undoubtedly the toughest in the world, but if you’re concepts are clear, it’s not so much of a problem.

    3. Arka, you claim in your web-page to be in 11th standard. Unless that’s 3 years old, you could not have possibly cleared JEE 2005.

    4. And don’t think we’re idiots, if u got through IIT, you cannot be so crazy as to give up that seat to take a year off and apply to MIT.

    5. And finally, India is a very vastly populated country, but even we do not have an urban population of 125 million! Allow me to qoute Max Mueller, “India’s heart lives and grows in it’s villages”.

    6. And now, back to MIT!

    If the selection rate is 3.6%, those students getting in must be extraordinary geniuses. To qoute another great modern philosopher, Homer Simpson, “But I’m not a genius….or are I?”

  43. Arka says:


    Guess what… many years old do you think my website to be….any guesses….

    And I have been to MIT on visits and thats why I am crazy to get in MIT…..I have my brother in IIT. So why not me be in somewhere in the MIT. Afterall I love that institute…..It depends on taste you know…..if u understand.

  44. Arka says:


    Guess what… many years old do you think my website to be….any guesses….And how can you even think of me applying to MIT when I am in the 11th grade. Comon Harish….we need some sense here.

    And I have been to MIT on a small visits and thats why I am crazy to get in MIT…..I have my brother in IIT. So why not me be in somewhere in the MIT. Afterall I love that institute…..It depends on taste you know…..if u understand.

  45. jian says:

    as an international student…i’m not afraid of anything…i’m only afraid of the quota…

  46. Anonymous says:

    Ramya, it may not seem very logical to you, but your source of judgement of IITs is not very reliable.

    The system of rankings like the one provided Institute of Higher Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University may not necessarily be correct.

    As far as your point about research is concerned, in India there are quite a few problems assosiated with funding thus the research funds are quite low.Even with these low funds the students manage to carry out valuable research, which is quite creditable. Also IIT has been producing excellent engineers which do very well in the industry.You cannot judge a university only on the basis of the amount of research it has conducted.If there is a single reason why IIT doesn’t invest much money into research, its because it doesnt have much.

  47. Chandresh says:

    What determined the quota? [ie 6-8% int studenties]

  48. abstract says:

    ummm… to break the long debate on percentages, do you know what the name of Nance’s baby is? We’re very curious =D

  49. ramya says:


    Arka, I think, did not fool any one b’cause even when a student is selected to IIT he may give up his/her seat when one think that he/she might want a better seat and will reappear for the test for second time. It’s the case with my cousin at first attempt he recieved around 1700 so he took a chance and reappeared attaining a rank around 400. Then it is obvious with any one who know MIT and its greatness would take a chance of letting the IIT seat away.

  50. ANONYMOUS says:

    Well Ramya ,

    I accept it many of the students have the courage to do it but most take admission and reappear

    I hope either one who is sure of getting into MIT or someone like me who could not take admission despite ranking 14 due to surgery only will leave

    well may be ARKA is a lot of genious and may get but Iam not sure for MIT

  51. ANONYMOUS says:

    Arka , I went through the article at

    i hope the author have wrongly use 125 million in place of thousand.

    As far as i know 125000 to 150000 students apply aproximately and moreover I dont agree about the quality of education imparted by IIT (as mentioned in the article)

    They are somewhere near the top .

  52. There are only 90 seats for international students? I thought there were 100….

    Ok, now it is very clear for me that international application to MIT is very very very very very very very very competitive, only 3.6%!!!!!!!!!. I am so anxious and nervous, I guess most of you are having the same feelings. We have to wait until mid-march to know the decision. Good luck to everyone!

    Juan Jhong C

  53. There are only 90 seats for international students? I thought there were 100….

    Ok, now it is very clear for me that international application to MIT is very very very very very very very very competitive, only 3.6%!!!!!!!!!. I am so nervous, I guess most of you are having the same feeling. We have to wait until mid-march to know the decision. By that time, anxiety might have already kill me.

    Good luck to everyone!

    Juan Jhong Chung

  54. Oops I didn’t mean to post twice.

  55. ODHIAMBO says:

    What? The appliacntts will loose hope.

  56. ODHIAMBO says:

    What? The applicants will loose hope.

  57. Mohan says:

    I recieved “Facts about MIT for international applicants” from MIT.

    Below Facts are from it.

    1)International admission to MIT is very competitive. In 2005,112 international students were admitted from a pool of 2,210 applcants.

    2)Almost all international applicants who are admitted to MIT have earned some form of regional,national or international distinctions in areas as diverse as leadership, music, art, scientific research, acdemic competition or athletics.

    P.S: An apple tree in MIT’s alumni garden is a direct descendent of the one Sir Isaac Newton was reportedly sitting when he conceived the theory of gravity.

  58. Dinyar says:

    chandresh: If I remember this correctly, then the quote for international applicants is determined by the amount MIT is able to give in financial aid, seeing as international students wouldn’t be supported by the US government but only by MIT. So the choice was to either give up the need-blind system for international applications, or introduce this quota. Even though I’m fairly certain, that I won’t be admitted to MIT (especially because of the quota – 3,8% vs. 10-15% is a lot.. ), I feel that this was the better solution.

    Best of luck to you! smile

  59. Rafael says:

    jep, pretty scary points (1 and 2) but I like the P.S. smile … 2 more month until decision comes!

  60. Amazing stats! Well that’s why MIT is MIT:)

  61. Dear Matt,

    I am an international applicant and I have mediocre CR and Wr scores on the SAT 1. I have attented a Greek public (government) school in Cyprus teaching us English only 1 1/2 hours a week. Will this be taken into account when reviewing my app? When scores are sent from the college board to MIT are the percentiles and actual raw marks shown?


    ps. Sorry I’ve also posted this one on the wrong forum (The Coin is Found) by mistake

  62. Holy… What a ferocious discussion panel. Gee. Chill guys, Any university within the top hundreds of sorts is probably good already. Then again, aren’t we supposed to be looking at whether or not you’re a match for the university or not?? If you can withstand the environment and thrive, you’ll be successful wherever you go. :D

  63. 53 days until admission decisions are mailed, so be ready for the truth:

    “We are sorry to inform you…” OR “Congratulation! You have been….”

    A curious question: what other universities have you applied?


  64. akshay says:

    i second eric’s opinion

  65. i’m scared…very very scared…

    good luck pples!

  66. MJ Kamalov says:

    good luck to each and every applicant, especially the international students

  67. Anonymous says:

    Its nice to hear IIT being mentioned in an MIT blog. Both in my opinion are world class universities. Both are unique in their own reprospective(sorry if the spelling is wrong!). Thus, its really hard to compare both of them.

    I have heard various comments on the quota of int’l students taken by MIT. In the other blog, a percentage of 8% was given, which comes around to be roughly 115 students. Does anyone have any idea how many exactly will be taken?any quotas for individual countries?

  68. uren says:

    3.6% int’l students??? God!! anyway, just bringing back the IIT topic, IIT is ranked 50th in the world according to the top 200 University rankings of the world (MIT’s second) published by also, those appearing for the IIT JEE usually prepare for 2 whole years so I guess the competition is completely different from getting in MIT.

  69. Mushal says:


  70. Robert says:

    Chill out everyone. What will happen will happen. You can’t do anything about your application now. It’s really pointless worrying!

    Good luck Mr. McGann.

  71. Robert says:

    Chill out everyone. What will happen will happen. You can’t do anything about your application now. It’s really pointless worrying!

    Good luck Mr. McGann.

  72. Anonymous says:


    I just had a quick question. Is it true that having references from well known people or MIT Alumnis act as an advantage to your admissions?

  73. jian says:

    MIT fellows, are you all stuck with the theory of everything? Thena admit me in, may be i can give some fresh perspectives!

    ok, kidding, but who knows? ;-p

  74. Anonymous says:

    I had a same Q smile

  75. Anonymous says:

    1 Massachusetts Institute Technol US

    2 University of California, Berkeley US

    3 Indian Institutes of Technology India

    4 Stanford University US

    5 Imperial College London UK

    6 Cambridge University UK

    7 California Institute of Technology US

    8 Tokyo University Japan

    9 National University of Singapore Singapore

    10 Beijing University China

    11 Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan

    12 ETH Zurich Switzerland

    13 Oxford University UK

    14 Carnegie Mellon University US

    15 Delft University of Technology Netherlands

    16 New South Wales University Australia

    17 Tsing Hua University China

    18 Melbourne University Australia

    19 Kyoto University Japan

    20 Georgia Institute of Technology US

    21 Harvard University US

    22 Ecole Polytechnique France

    23 Hong Kong University Sci & Technol HongKong

    24 Monash University Australia

    25 Technion Israel Inst of Technol Israel

    26 Nanyang Technological University Singapore

    27 Illinois University US

    28 Aachen RWTH Germany

    29 Australian National University Australia

    30 University of Texas at Austin US

    31 University of Toronto Canada

    32 Vienna University of Technology Austria

    33 Technical University Munich Germany

    34 Cornell University US

    35 Purdue University US

    36 University of California, Los Angeles US

    36 Ecole Poly F

  76. Anonymous says:

    these are top 60 technical universities in the world

  77. Alissa says:

    Ooooh haha. I thought you were applying to all of them! That would be quite nuts :p

  78. Thank got for this blog. As bad as it sounds, I’m almost glad to see that I am not alone and there are other people out there panicking about getting in.

    If you need something to take your mind off the stress of waiting for the admission decision, check out Sky Monsters, on the National Geographic channel tonight at 9. It

  79. Hi Rafael and Mohan, I am from Peru and I have applied to MIT, CALTECH, UPENN and Boston University. I didn’t have much time, since the scholar year in Peru is from March to December; and most of the deadlines for US Universities are on December. Imagine that I took the SATs in the same week of my final exams!

    This is my own ranking:







    Good luck!

  80. akhil says:

    wow..1033 from 9000 applicants?

    That has got me worried a little bit.

    But oh well, I guess I will just have to wait and see..

    and yes, there are a lot of Indians on this blog!

  81. There are only 52 days until admission decisions for regular action are mailed. At this time, I am taking yoga classes to take my mind off the application process and to avoid having nightmares about being rejected.

    I encourage you to have fun! There is no point at this time to think about the application. All parts, recommendations and transcripts have already been sent. I know that waiting is very painful to all of us but we can make it a little more relaxing.

    This is the time of the year that we should be spending with our little brothers or sisters, with our parents and with our friends. Believe it or not, you are going to miss them more than you think. For most of us, these are going to be the last months in our homes. Soon there won’t be anymore mom’s charms or dad’s advice and even though cell phones and internet make distance shorter, feelings and emotions cannot be translated to data language to send them in an email or through a phone call.

    The adventure of going to college is the most exciting in our life. It is a new beginning with new friends and new challenges. It is the beginning of our dream, of what we want to do in our future. In this difficult path we are going to learn not only math but also how the real life is. Be ready!

    I am so happy to share my experiences and worries with many prospective students around the world. Since I met you, I am not afraid any more about the future of the world society because I know that with people like you the world’s destiny is going to change. We are the best example that no matter where we are from or what language do we speak, our minds think in the same way. All of us want the best for the world.

    I am sure you are the best students in the world, and that is why you are applying to the best college. Everyone is so special and we should not doubt it. We should never be afraid to show our knowledge. Have faith on ourselves and I am sure we will success wherever we go.

    Good luck to everybody

  82. Victoria says:


    I just had a quick question. Is it true that having references from well known people or MIT Alumnis act as an advantage to your admissions?

    Posted by: Anonymous on January 22, 2006 10:46 AM

    No, according to numerous admissions officers.

    It has to be a good reference, never mind from where. Although I don’t recommend convicted serial killers.

    these are top 60 technical universities in the world

    Where’d you get that? Stanford ranked higher than Caltech?

    And finally,

    eeeek!….(gag)…thud. I agree totally.

  83. I am a prospective international student to the class of 2010. I certainly understand the the challenge all my fellow prospective applicants are facing especially those like myself from Africa regarding the figures of us the applicants but i would like to first pray for each one of you to succeed,though only a limited number will do, then to remind you again to take heart and understand our desire to be engineers is pivoted around the great vision to undertake challenge, self satisfaction through work etc to overcome our inherent limitations.

    So please, let us try to overcome this initial challenge of our inherited fear to fail and accept / believe what the admissions office has received.

    Good luck to every body and best regards from Uganda, East Africa where we seem to have only a single MIT alumni and non in Uganda.

    “could the first be this author?”

    Alex Myne Kirungi

  84. Cool guy says:

    There are a lot of great schools out there. If you’re good enough, you WILL get into one of your top choices even if you don’t get accepted at MIT.

  85. Sam T says:

    You guys put to omuch stock in which school you go to. How do you think MIT, Caltech, Stanfrd, ect. became great schools. They didn’t start out tat the top. The people that went there made the schools great. Just as each and everyone of us can did regardless of which school we eventually decide to attend.

    I would be both honored and amazed if I acually make MIT, but at the same time I know I will what I do regardless.

    Remember, it’s the people that make the school not vice versa.

    Good luck to everyone in the RA pool. I hope everyone who deserves to get in makes it.

  86. Sam T says:

    lol I really should start proof reading my posts…

  87. Frank says:

    That is an insane number of applicants! I wish the best for the poor souls who will be reading through them all. And I wish a great good luck to all who applied!

  88. Rafael says:

    Juan Jhong Chung: I’m an international student from Switzerland and applied only to MIT and Caltech… where else did you apply?

  89. mohan says:

    Hi Rafeel and Juan Jhong Chung:

    I am an international applicant

    I applied only to MIT, PRINCETON AND HARVARD.

    Juan Jhong Chung: where else did you apply?

  90. usha says:

    does anyone know the reasonable scores for SAT1 and SAT2and also the G.P.A.

  91. Scary says:

    Sure MIT is a great school and so are the other ones that are imposible to get in, but really the student makes their education and ultimately their happiness. It’s not all about where you go to college and maybe it would be wise to chill out and just go with the wind, there is only so much you can do and then it is up to chance.

  92. Anonymous says:

    IIT, IIT

    IIT has given by ‘anonymous’ stands 3rd in the world. Hence, It is obvious for any Indian student to have ambition to get in to IIT. But in present days this criteria of students has became as a source for earning from book sellers to the lecturers. I am really speaking that there are nearly “hundred” coaching centers for IIT-JEE in our area in 5 km radius. To get in to these coaching centres you should take a entrance test which will be challenging than IIT for the students at that level of 10th standard. Do you know! for taking these entrance tests there will be again coaching centers (which will start from 6th grade). For getting in some of these coaching centers you should take the entrance test.

    In this way a student’s major(because engineering and science are the only majors at IIT’s)is been deciding in that small age of 5th class.

    With all these effort there is no guarantee that a student will enter in to IIT (because there are only 2500-3000)and our nation is loosing the brilliant students who would have glow bright if they taken ARTS or the subject which they like. (You know! a student in india who taken his major as arts is considered mere fool( as there are very less payments for the jobs which can be earned by these majors) or not an intelligent.)In the mindset of a parent they always think that their child should become a doctor or a engineer.

    Now UREN how many years a student is preparing for IIT! (nearly 7 years)

  93. Anonymous says:

    Luckily I am not an victim

  94. Anonymous says:

    Edit: I am not a victim

  95. Arka says:

    I second “Anonymous”….

    But my cousin who studied “Masters of Museology”(predominantly an arts subject), with historical anthropology as major…got a job in the “Central Government” with a starting income of Rs.35000…..~_^…So what do you say about that. All of us dont consider “Arts students as fools in India”. Nevertheless in the place I am from…Guwahati.(Assam)Most of them become leaders in their fields in India and abroad with majoring in the Arts stream.

    And regarding the IIT thing…I strpngly aggree that the entrance coaching is nowadays becoming a kind of business, and I guess IITs step in changing the pattern must have had an declining affect.


  96. Arka says:

    Most of our Ambassadors and high commisoners who are posted abroad as a part of their work in the Indian missions have either majored in Commerce or Arts. And guess what…our Prime-minister majored in the Commerce stream… So i guess it depends more on your taste and your background as what you want to study and not what people say about you. But really atleast I dont consider people studying Arts as fools….


  97. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you I am considering about a common parent of a student. My parents are not in such a manner they given freedom for my views. I never considered any one as fool. Every person on this wonderful earth as their own talents.

  98. Anonymous says:

    You are from far eastern part of the country. But you should consider the northen part(delhi) or southern part. Do you knoe in kota( rajasthan) there are 13th class, 14 class, 15 class. beyond the 12 class. for those who are repeating for IIT. now what they are considering the fields such as arts!!!. Actually the said change in pattern is effective from this year but eligiblity is not taken in to consideration from this year because there is strong opposition of these students(who are concerned to poltics) who are repeating. But I hope this situation will be improoved from next year

  99. Rohit Nair says:

    A simple MIT wallpaper for those who’re interested. Maybe I’ll make more…