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MIT student blogger twins Danny and Allan G. '20

21E by Danny and Allan G. '20

our major in a diagram!

We are majoring in 21E, a joint major that lets you combine any humanities field (21), and any engineering field (E). We were recently messaged about the requirements of 21E, and were inspired to make a diagram, sine 21E can be confusing. So, here it is, filled out with the classes we’ve taken to meet the req’s!


GIR = General Institute Requirements

HASS = Humanities Arts and Social Sciences

REST = Restricted Elective in Science and Technology

CI-H = Communication Intensive in HASS

CI-M = Communication Intensive in Major

CMS.619 = Gender and Media Studies

CMS.333 = Production of Educational Videos

21M.601 = Drawing for Designers

21A.502 = Fun and Games: Cross-Cultural Perspectives

CMS.100 = Introduction to Media Studies

CMS.URG = CMS UROP for credit

CMS.S60 = Crafting Comics

CMS.611 = Creating Video Games

18.03 = Differential Equations

18.06 = Linear Algebra

6.163 = Strobe Project Laboratory

CMS.701 = Current Debates in Media

CMS.339 = VR and Immersive Media Production

6.00 = Introduction to Computer Science, Programming, and Data Science

6.009 = Fundamentals of Programming

6.031 = Elements of Software Construction

6.UAT = Oral Communications

6.815 = Digital and Computational Photography

6.837 = Computer Graphics