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Danny and Allan G. '20

MIT student blogger twins Danny and Allan G. '20


Hello, our names are Danny and Allan!
Here are some facts about us:

- We grew up in Brooklyn in a Russian-Jewish neighborhood known as Brighton Beach. Russian Grandmas compared us to elektroniki and our classmates compared us to Zach and Cody. What people have failed to do is compare us to Hallie and Annie from the Parent Trap (our actual favorite twin movie), so we did it ourselves in our avatar pose! Cool side note: the double letters in our names are the same as the double letters in theirs!

- We moved to Florida when we were ten to the same building as blogger alum Anastassia B. 16'. We met her when she became the 14 y.o. babysitter to our 10 y.o. selves. Little did we know, she would become our long lasting friend, mentor, inspiration, conceiver of our clever collective nickname "d.a. twins", motivator for us to start blogging about our knitting, crafting, and baking projects, and our doppelgänger... because we actually have a weirdly long list of serendipitous similarities (which maybe we'll do a blog about one day?)

- We have a mailing list if you ever want to reach both us: [email protected]

- We try really hard sometimes to be different, but it usually doesn't work. We like all the same things - Steven Universe, musicals, Studio Ghibli, Pixar, Disney, talking to fellow fangirls hyper-excitedly about all these things, being sentimental (read: keeping too much stuff), making art stuff, making art stuff together, and finishing each other’s sentences (read: talking over each other). Reactions to our unconventional way of talking together have ranged from confusion to awe to tears from a 4 year old who was convinced we were aliens.

- We are going to be blogging as a duo. We’re doing this because we'd already been twin blogging (as we like to call it) for all of high school so it just felt right to apply to be bloggers together. And even though not all of our classes, activities, and experiences are exactly the same (well, a lot of them are lol), our lives intersect so much that a twin blog felt more authentic to us. You can expect a lot of posts where we use the word "we" excessively and refer to our names in the third person awkwardly to differentiate between us when needed.

:A :D

-That's how we sign off on things sometimes. (Allan thinks that Danny got the better end of the emoji stick, but whatever. Danny agrees.)

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