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MIT student blogger twins Danny and Allan G. '20

what we’ve been up to recently by Danny and Allan G. '20

a short list about winter break

We haven’t been blogging as much as we’d like to. Senior fall and even this winter break have been so, so busy between the job hunt from September – November, and then grad school applications from November – now. 

We don’t have time right now to write something too substantial, so in attempt to not fall off the face of the blogs, here is a list, in no particular order, of things we’ve been up to recently: 

  • Studying for the GRE 
  • Retaking the GRE ten days ago (and doing a little better than the first time! woot!) 
  • Watching Cats with our friend from high school! We actually really liked a lot of the songs, and dance numbers. Memory was amazing, and the second big number, The Naming of Cats, was super cool and spooky sounding! We both forgot to take our glasses to the theater, so we literally didn’t notice any of the supposedly awful CGI lol, and hence mostly just focused on the music. We think that made our experience better than our friend’s, who left the theater in a trance, repeatedly saying “what the f”
  • Working WAY too long on updating and changing the formats of our portfolios. Like literally 100+ hours at this point
  • Going to the beach a couple times 
  • Going to pilates with our mom a couple times
  • Going on lots of walks
  •  Dogsitting our mom’s friend’s hyper energetic dog. Like, he would go absolutely berserk outside on walks. Actually let’s rephrase: he would go absolutely berserk outside on runs, if that says anything. He was super cute though so we mostly didn’t mind (except the two times when he almost caught a bird)
  • Watching Steven Universe Future! It’s been so good so far! Our favorite episode so far is Volleyball 😭 
  • Watching season 4 My Hero Academia! Miriooo and Eriiiii 😭😭😭

That’s about it. We are really hoping to be able to blog more during IAP and next semester! ‘Till then!