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MIT student blogger Nisha D. '21

A Comprehensive Guide to Psetting on Campus by Nisha D. '21

ft. an updated mapping system

EDIT: this post is back bois I didn’t know Google had a shareable mapping service and used a terrible one instead so I redid the map with Google

Last year during freshman fall, I made a couple of guides to random things on campus. I’d like to bring that back this year, along with a much better mapping system than a poorly edited PDF.

The first map that I’m doing this semester is here – it’s a guide to nice places to work on classwork on campus (more informally known as psetting). The places were sourced from a Google form I sent out to ec-discuss, East Campus’s general purpose mailing list. The blue map markers indicate places that I enjoy psetting in as well, and the black markers indicate places that are limited access. Click on the name of a location on the sidebar to see pictures and information about it! Some of the pictures aren’t working, but I’ll try to get them up eventually…

If you have any suggestions for other places you like to pset on campus, send me a picture and a blurb about it and I’ll add it to the map!

Coming soon: possibly the most comprehensive guide I’ve ever made…