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MIT blogger Elizabeth C. '13

A question for you… by Elizabeth C. '13

No seriously I have a question

What is a scientific/engineering topic that you find most difficult to understand? I’m going to try to doodle explain it the best I can (I’ll explain why later) in a blog post.

Some categories to think about:

  • Biology (including research techniques)
  • Chemistry <- my least favorite subject, but if someone comes up with a good chemistry question I’ll take a shot at it
  • Physics (mechanics and E&M; if you ask something related to quantum I’ll have to rope in my Course 8 suitemate)
  • “Engineery” things like fluids, thermodynamics, etc.
  • Computer science (I have a very limited understanding of it, so I’ll have to ask some Course 6-ers for help if you guys ask really complicated questions!)