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MIT student blogger Kate R. '14

A CPW Challenge by Kate R. '14

I hope Chris Peterson doesn't fire me for too many prefrosh stealing his nametag...

Wait wait! Stop! Hold the presses! I have one more thing to add to the CPW schedule!

What’s that? The schedules have all already been printed and are sitting in boxes waiting to be distributed to YOU when you come to the Student Center to check in tomorrow*? Oh no! How will I ever include my oh-so-awesome CPW event?

Oh right, I’m a blogger.

So here it is: introducing… the 2011 CPW Scavenger Hunt!!

You will have 4 days on the campus of my favorite place on earth, and there are so many things to find, see, and do! So, if you’re coming to CPW this weekend, this is my challenge to you:

  • Eat free food.
  • Find a hack somewhere on campus
  • Build and/or destroy something
  • Meet a professor in the department you might want to major in**
  • Eat liquid nitrogen ice cream
  • High-five Tim the Beaver
  • Spell out “MIT” with your new CPW-friends in front of your favorite MIT building
  • Steal Chris Peterson’s nametag*** (ahem “Convince Chris Peterson to give you his nametag”)
  • Explore the underground tunnels (capture the flag counts)
  • For EXTRA BONUS POINTS: track me down! (Hint: I’ll be at the Meet the Bloggers event– so should you!)

You are tasked with providing photographic evidence of having done all these things! After the weekend, when you finally stop running around to all of the awesome events and have had a chance to collapse and sleep for the first time in days, you should load the pictures onto your computer and send them to me! Better yet, post them to the tumblr (you got the address in your email earlier this week).

I’ll pick the person who’s done the most of the things on the list above, or maybe the one with the most entertaining pictures, or maybe the one who had the most interesting conversation with me, and post your pictures here! Screw it, maybe I’ll post them all.

If you can’t come to CPW, don’t worry, I still love you! And I’m *super* looking forward to what you’re going to come up with through the magic of the internet and photoshop ;)

Good luck on the scavenger hunt… see you this weekend!


*Okay, technically, it’s after midnight on the East Coast so, TODAY! But I usually go by the standard that “today” lasts until I wake up the next morning, no matter when I go to sleep…

**Professors are real people! In fact, they’re real nice people!


5 responses to “A CPW Challenge”

  1. '15er says:

    Great post! I wish I could attend CPW! MIT just can’t stop making me falling in love with it! smile

  2. I wish I could come to CPW…

  3. Emad '14 says:

    You should’ve told the story about how you out-stalked your CPW hosts last year :p

  4. bonus points if you physically attack chris to get his name tag (the more violent, the better)
    also, i think i just got some hebrew words in my captcha.

  5. Bhaskar says:

    @petey Be