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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

A Reason to Celebrate by Bryan

My advisor is a genius.

So over in the world of UROP, things were pretty exciting this week.

Now here’s how the morning started. I’ll admit that I don’t read the newspaper or the watch the news as often as I should, but that’s why I am glad everyone else I know does keep up.

Friend: Your UROP advisor is a genius.
Me: Yea, I know that. She’s an MIT professor.
Friend: No, she’s a GENIUS.
Me: Right. I agree.

Indeed, this year my advisor, Linda Griffith, was named a MacArthur Fellow. Most people refer to the recipients as a Genius because they are awarded a Genius Grant which is a no-strings-attached grant spread out over 5 years. It’s pretty awesome, not gonna lie. It’s also kind of crazy to be able to say that I work for her, and despite her achievements, she’s really down to earth and easy to talk to.

Professors at MIT are not foreign to incredible distinction, and one of the best things I’ve enjoyed at MIT is that they are not distant from the students. Freshman year, I had a recitation taught by a Nobel Laureate. Freshman in 7.012 this term have the privelege of being taught by one of the leaders of the Human Genome Project.

Speaking of UROP, tomorrow, I am giving the biggest presentation of my research career. YIKES. I’ll post about that tomorrow or Tuesday hopefully.

9 responses to “A Reason to Celebrate”

  1. MIT never ceases to amaze me! A school of dreams I say! A school of dreams!

  2. Melis says:

    Good luck tomorrow =) You’ll rock it!

  3. Carol says:

    I wish I can work with genius. I wish I can get into MIT.

  4. Cankutan says:

    Where is you presentation tomorrow?

  5. Arkajit Dey says:

    Nice! Good Luck with the presentation. Hope it goes well.

  6. Daniel says:

    Oooh, shiny. Good luck with your presentation!

  7. I’m just a high school junior doing some research about his official ‘first choice’; and, I have to say, this stands testament to one of my main motivations for seeking admission to MIT. Every time I think about being mentored and taught by intellects of this stature, well… butterflies might be an accurate description.

    I know I’m just a random kid in Texas, but all the same, good luck with your presentation (which would be today, I gather). As a public speaker and debater, I understand the apprehension.

  8. Jean says:

    Wow! Being able to work under the guidance of a proclaimed genius is incredible! MIT never ceases to amaze me! I hope the presentation went well!