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MIT student blogger Mitra L. '07

A Room with a Vieux by Mitra L. '07

A comparison of sorts

Note: I freely admit I am stealing the title “A Room with a Vieux” from a lovely antiques store in Boston

So here is my workspace (and my coworker, an intern from Stanford) from my summer job. The space isn’t too shabby, huh?

Check out our immediate view

The sign in the bottom of the center of the photograph commands, “Honk if you love free movies.”

I think honking is a sacred activity and this sort of socially destructive advertising should be banned. Someone might benefit from doing his/her Course 15: Management Science concentration in marketing.

More pictures of the view – Treasure Island, above, and Coit Tower, below

Yesterday, I got back to MIT, and my bedroom’s view this year rivals my summer office’s view. Evidence is below

In case you’re not convinced, check out the delicious surprise I found in my closet: built-in hangers! YES!

It is going to be an excellent year… I can see it already.


Edited to add:

As requested by Sam ’07, here is my 3rd window:

6 responses to “A Room with a Vieux”

  1. Ayush Gupta says:

    I think what that Honk advertisement really means is that “If you are honking, that means you like watching movies for free, which means that you frequently download movies and thus support video piracy. So, if you honk, you will be caught honk-handed.” So, anyone who thinks of the ad this way will be definitely discouraged from honking, unless he/she openly revere piracy. But ofcourse, I might be mistaken.

  2. Hi Mitra

    my name is pejman, from North Carolina

    I want to apply for MIT, can you please give me some directions about interview with my EC.

    I do paint and sell my pictures in DC, do you think it is useful to have some of my art works ready for show!?

    thanks and goodluck


  3. Sam says:

    I should note that Mitra’s room actually has three windows! Three! Why don’t you post the missing vieux?

    Can’t wait to see you… are my cinderblocks still there?

  4. Mitra says:

    Posted! Haven’t seen your cinderblocks, but a suitemate has a lofted bed that s/he wants to trade for a regular one, so that’s always an option. See you soon!!

  5. Mikey says:

    I think it’s hilarious that you and Sam pretty much communicate to each other on the blogs, when you could easily call/IM/txt/see each other IN PERSON. But then again, what fun is that when you can blog comment to each other…

    What’s even sadder is it’s 5:16pm and I’m still at work, reading these blogs. How sad am I?

  6. Mitra says:

    That’s pretty sad, Mikey. Maybe I will call/IM/text/see you in person sometime this weekend =)