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MIT student blogger Snively '11

A short entry by Snively '11

about dorm awesomeness

You know what’s awesome about dorms? There’s a lot of people in them.

A lot of people who use iTunes.

What happens when you have a lot of people using iTunes on the same WiFi network? Shared libraries!

So many music choices!

That is all. Time to study for my test.

20 responses to “A short entry”

  1. Jamie '14? says:

    Lol the same thing happens in the dorms at my high school

  2. Armin says:

    If it’s too loud then you’re too old smile)

    which dorm has the most number of metal fans?
    what happens when a metal fan comes by a classic music lover?

  3. Anonymous says:

    @Armin– Greatest number of metal fans is probably East Campus, but Senior Haus probably has them percentage-wise (EC=300 people, SH=140).

    And when a metal fan comes by a classic music lover, they breed. Every. single. time.

  4. Mila says:

    @ Armin
    the most awesome playlist ever is [email protected] Armin
    the most awesome playlist ever is created<3

  5. Armin says:

    @ Anonymous
    What would two gametes transmit? breeding offspring…

    @ Mila
    how do you know what’s inside that library?

  6. Oasis '11 says:


    Someone maintains a Jay Chou library in the vicinity of New House. It so totally made my finals week last semester. smile

  7. Keri says:

    Hey! It’s possible to like both metal and punk!

    Screw you, ??? from Senior Haus. Real kids listen to both Agent Orange and Children of Bodom.

    That said, EC probably does beat us both in number and percent.

  8. ??? says:

    Rest assured, Senior Haus is well aware of how much metal sucks. I’m sure East Campus beats us both in number and percent of metal fans.

    Bring on the punk!

  9. Julio Butter says:

    Interesting post.

    On the blog page, I clicked the hyperlinked word ‘awesomeness’ because it seemed unusual. I was led to a different page, hizook. Which had a very impressive article about the high-speed robot hand, that can dribble much better than I can. But perform a throw not as good as mine. wink

    did you do this on purpose Snively ’11?

  10. Mila says:

    I have one of those:)

  11. Dan says:


    Awesome. I know where I’m trying to get a dorm if I’m accepted.

  12. Jenny '13 says:

    I gotta admit, I totally listened to ur library the other day.

  13. Amethyst says:

    @ Armin and 1st Anonymous:
    I am a diehard classical music fan (I play violin and go all calf-eyed when I watch someone play piano) but I also have an impossible weakness for Finnish gothic rock and some metal…stranger things happen in nature. If I get accepted I am definitely going to have to seek out some of those hybrid offspring, lol! Most entertaining.

  14. Anonymous says:

    same with in the libraries

  15. I’m rocking out to “Susan Hockfield’s Library”.

  16. Streeter says:

    Enjoying your bottle of Lamesauce? Haha

    Anyways I just wanted to say that it would be just grand if you could proclaim that you thought zug’s latest prank was also inadequate cuz I’ve got a small bet going with a friend of mine who attends your fine institute and I’d like my $20.


  17. C2 says:

    Interesting, I prefer listening to music with no head phones. You know what they say, it will damage your ears… (The only time I use head phone – Singular – is when my father is sleeping, then I would change the head phone – singular – from one ear to another… hope it helps reducing the damage =])

    lllea Angina… O_o?

  18. Pun-mit-14# says:

    But don’t u guys have channels for MetaL??

  19. Snively says:

    I received an e-mail from Zug this morning. Entry coming soon-ish.

  20. I would like to draw attention to one of the titles of the playlists…”liz kimball is a skank a** ho”.