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Snively '11

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MIT student blogger Snively '11


Hello, my name is Michael Snively (though most people just call me Snively, it rhymes with lively). I was an MIT class of 2011 and am plowing my way through the real world now.

My MIT experience was as unique as anybody's but as similar as well. My entries are often about personal experiences but they give a lot of information about life at MIT in general if you read between the lines. Go ahead and read them if you're looking for info or stories about some of the not-so-often discussed aspects of MIT life.

I blogged from January of freshman year until the beginning of senior year and during that time did my best to break from the traditional blog topics and populate the blogs with some of MIT's finer points. I got in trouble quite a few times for being a bit, let's say, controversial, but those entries were often favorites among incoming students.

Enjoy yourself and enjoy these blogs, and remember, don't apply to MIT just because it's a good school. Make sure that you'll enjoy your time here, and these blogs will go a long way towards helping determine if you will.

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