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MIT student blogger Snively '11

We’re Ready for CPW by Snively '11

Are you?

Costco is officially out of hamburgers, UPS is making 5 trips a day to drop off lights, glowsticks, and popcorn machines, the grass is growing, and the sun is shining. MIT is getting ready for CPW as fast as it possibly can and we’re just about ready.

Right now, we’re all getting our prefrosh assigned to us, as you can see below:

1,100 of you are coming and we’re going to feed all of you! And, you know, run you into the ground with sleep deprivingly awesome events for an entire weekend.

Good luck, happy travels, see you this weekend! Make sure to swing by Burton-Conner and say hi, I’ll likely be involved with most of the events we host but, unfortunately, I wasn’t assigned a prefrosh this year. :(

By the way, Mikey just mentioned that some of you are flying in TOMORROW!? The entire room just lit up with concerned grumblings and surprise. I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of attention from your host if you get here tomorrow, there are A LOT of exams this week, but we’ll be done by Thursday, so no worries.

: )

18 responses to “We’re Ready for CPW”

  1. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah first

  2. Alan '14 says:

    I am getting there on the 6th haha. raspberry

  3. Anonymous says:

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smile))

  4. Dave '14 says:

    I’m staying in B-C 223. Guess I’ll have to say hello…

    (captcha: between hacksaws)

  5. Peter '14 says:

    yeah I’m sort of between hacksaws right now…..I’m expecting to get a new one soon

  6. m says:

    Thank you to all of the hosts for squeezing in precious hours to welcome a prefrosh. A tremendous event indeed!

  7. Other Frosh says:

    As an aside, yay CPW!

  8. Snively says:

    These blogs are a place for prefrosh to connect with each other and for upperclassmen to provide guidance and useful advice.

    These blogs are not a place for MIT students to argue and attack each other. I’ve removed about a dozen comments from this entry and will remove any further comments that aren’t relevant or helpful for prospective freshmen.

    If anybody has an issue with this, please take it up with me via e-mail or in person. Please restrict your verbal attacks and derisive comments to internal MIT e-mail addresses and away from those who do not care.

  9. Peter '14 says:

    I dunno…I’ve always wondered what current students thought of these blogs. While the comments were in poor taste it is certainly making me think that there is a very different MIT behind these blogs

  10. to Peter ’14

    the comments yesterday were in response to an isolated incident and it should in no way be taken as representative for MIT.

    You’re going to get disagreements and interactions in whatever community that you join, including MIT. Yet, MIT is, I feel different in some regards. Here, though people might argue a bit, there is still a felling of community that resinates through the entire campus. Students here know that each and every student here works their but off in what ever field they are called to. Additionally, I feel that at MIT you have a unique combination of truly GOOD people (unlike at Harvard… just kidding). MIT has put together a group for down-to-earth kids who only want to succeed, have fun, and spend time with/ help their friends.

    if you have ANY questions (about the comments or ANYTHING else) just email me/ find me on facebook, and I will try to give you my perspective on the issue.

    MIT is a great place.
    MIT is full of great people.
    MIT, though you will kill me, I love you.

  11. STuang'14 says:

    is it true that East Campus has a roller coaster? i heard it several times. but just wanted to make sure

  12. Snively says:

    Are you Rob’s prefrosh?

  13. @Class of 2014

    Hey kids, don’t mind the negativity you might see. It definitely isn’t representative of MIT as a whole, or even in part.

    In fact, when I was an undergrad I never actually saw a person mistreating others.

    @Class of 2014

    Hey kids, don’t mind the negativity you might see. It definitely isn’t representative of MIT as a whole, or even in part.

    In fact, when I was an undergrad I never actually saw a person mistreating others.

    <Then again, no one I knew had the courage to complain about other people for having different opinions. More power to you Snively!

    <It’s hard to take the high road and have persistence. I mean, the time and effort to complain about every little thing must be tiring. I don’t how you do it!

  14. Snively says:

    Am I going to have to start making a list of things not allowed in these comments? Let’s be reasonable folks! If you really want me to make a list, I can!

    Things that will get your comments removed from the admissions website:
    1) Comparing the blog author to Hitler
    2) Wanking about internal MIT strife (I’ve had entire blog entries removed by deans for doing this, it’s not just me being a pain)
    3) Personal attacks.

    Seriously, Hitler?

    Any comments containing these will be removed, but not deleted. If you object to their removal, e-mail me at ask-snively [at] mit [dot] edu and we’ll discuss things. Thanks for playing.

  15. Dave '14 says:


    (regarding #1 above: Godwin’s Law)

  16. Amethyst says:

    @Henry: I didn’t see the comments in question, but I will throw in a line and say that perhaps MIT kids are human, too? And particularly around exam time… raspberry

    As for Harvard, well…some kids go there first and then get to MIT as fast as possible! ^_^ Through cross-enrollment or transfer or sheer blind proximity.

    (If you ever see a huge hack somewhere around the Charles that depicts a giant picture of John Harvard and a beaver holding hands/possibly kissing, with a caption underneath of “MIT/Harvard: Why Can’t We Be Friends?” don’t say I didn’t warn you! Lol)

    ReCaptcha: zaghloul attended

  17. Katy '10 says:

    The fact is that these blogs *aren’t* representative of MIT life. They are promotional tools. There is nothing wrong with that but, like you just mentioned @Snively, you’re limited in what you can really talk about. Yeah, sure, you are mostly self-censored, but college is a complicated place.

    You do a great job of showing the unique, fun parts of MIT, but any prefrosh that thinks that *this* blog (or any other blog, especially one on an admissions website) covers the whole experience is mistaken.

    College is hard. MIT is even harder.

  18. Snively says:

    Agreed. It’s not reasonable to expect that every aspect of MIT can be on these blogs, for a whole host of reasons.